In 'Two point perspective', all Vertical lines stay parallel with each other, while the other two sets of parallel lines converge onto the 'Horizon', each set to its own 'Vanishing Point' (V.P.).

1. Draw a horizon line across the middle of your paper.
2. Draw a Vertical line one third the way across your paper.
3. Put two 'Vanishing Points' (V.P.) on the horizon line near the edges.
4. Draw two sets of parallel lines that converge to each V.P. and begin from the Vertical line to form the corners.

5. Now draw two Vertical lines that represent the corner edges of your house

6. Add the two sets of parallel lines that form the back, unseen, part of your house.
7. Where these lines cross at the back of the house, add a Vertical line.
Now the back part of your house (the part you can not see) has been formed.

8. On a set of parallel lines that form the top of your house,
add a Vertical line to each halfway between the corners.
9. Now mark a line back to the other V.P. to form the top of your roof.
10. Join each top corner of the house block to the top of the roof.
Now that your house is constructed, rub out any lines that are not part of the house. With the basic shape drawn, use the two V.P.s to help you add the other parts of the house and anything else you can see.

With the technical part of your house now constructed using two-point perspective, use your imagination to turn your house into an 'UNUSUAL HOUSE'!