Reds / Blues / Yellows 
Black and White
to begin painting with. 
Mix these paints to get the 
colours and tones 
you need.
PRIMARY COLOURS: (first colours) Are the fundamental colours( yellow / red / blue ), which cannot be created by mixing.
SECONDARY COLOURS: Are the colours ( orange / green / purple ) and are made by mixing two primaries together,
yellow + blue = green
yellow + red = orange
red + blue = purple
TERTIARY COLOUR: Is the mixing of all three primary colours to make brown,   yellow + red + blue = brown.
TONE: The scale of white to black. Or the lightness or darkness of a colour.

1. Don't apply a colour until you have mixed it to how you want it to be.
    Test it out on scrap paper first.
2. Always paint right up to edges.
    Don't think you can go back to it later, your paint will have dried and you may not get the same colour again.
3. Don't outline everything.
    Allow one colour to rest against another colour.
4. To each colour add high-lights and shadows, as you build up your detail.
Only apply colour

that you are satisfied with.
Don't leave gaps,

paint up to edges.

Don't outline everything.

Allow colours to meet.

Add highlights and
shadows to colours.