updated 15/04/16

In 2001 I built above my garage to give me a recording space separate from the house. Previously I'd been using the spare bedroom which was OK if I was in the house on my own but not too good when the rest of the family was present. As the house is next to the canal bank I decided to call the new studio Towpath.

At first I used a Fostex D90 and DMT8 to give me 16 tracks of digital audio linked to an Atari ST for sequencing.
For the last number of years I've been using a purpose built music PC running Cubase SX2.
In 2015 I bought a laptop to do my main work so the old PC is now in semi-retirement and Reaper is my DAW of choice.

The studio was constructed to enable me to record mainly my own songs as I had done for many years. Inevitably, I began to record other singers and bands, and until last year when I did the "Blackleg Miner" album, I've now got to the stage where I never seem to find the time to do any of my own material!

After recording (3 albums) and playing with The Dags, I've since played live occasionally with Alan Coles, Jon Airdrie and The Shelleys and Tom Crow.