Tom Crow Mark Purnell
"Faultlines" 2017
"Memories" 2017
Blind River Scare GSG
"Pastures New" 2017
"Omega Man" 2016
Mike Hopkins Jon Airdrie
"The Blackleg Miner" 2015
"Rope and Rags" 2016
Tom Crow Wyn Jones
"Lifelines" 2014
"The Bark and Tree" 2014
Blind River Scare Paul Lloyd Nicholas
"Point of No Return" 2014
"Ariel" 2014
Vivant Jon Airdrie
"Tree of Life" 2013
"Locks and Cogs" 2013
Allan Horton Lee Dai Jones
"Gyrator" 2013
"Take a Piece, Leave a Mark" 2013
Jon Airdrie & the Shelleys
"Something's Cooking" 2012
"and what was that all about?" 2010
Tom Crow John Morris
"Lifelines" 2012
"Chicken Today and Feathers Tomorrow"
The Chartists Lee Dai Jones
"Rise Again"
"A Life in the Day Of"
Alan Coles Andy Berry
"Play Something We Know"
"Songs On Tape"
Tres Hombres  
"Doing the Hard Miles" 2012