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The two photo's above and the two below turned up in our photo album, Taken a few years ago... top left and bottom right will be recognised from other recent photo's
Drennan and his 2 boys (John 10yrs, Ryan 2yrs) on their TVR 5.0ltr V8 Trike, Belfast, N.Ireland (June 2004)
Steves Goldwing Trike
Nomi's trike-Dorset
Paul's VW Trike
Drennan setting off for the NW200 on his 3 seater VW Wilmac 1600cc Long Fork Lo-Rider Trike (May 2004)
Drennan’s ‘dream’ garage – Dax V8 Cobra in the dark on the left, Lamborghini Countach on the right, 1,300cc VW Wilmac in pride of place in front. (Summer 2003) Some b*******’s have all the luck!
These photo's were sent by 'wally' ; The trikes are built in Brazil
Ria's Vamp666  1600cc VW flat twin port accompanied with Coffin trailer
Below is Pauls new Trike, sent in by Jill
The trike is a 700cc 3 cylinder turbo inter-cooled motor 6 speed i have been to Germany-France-Spain-Belgium-Luxembourg-Scotland-Devon- and hope to be in Switzerland in July
mike (07720 440843)
any trikers into long runs and holidays in Europe feel free to get in touch...........................mike
It took me two years to complete my "DEVIL'S DUE!" - and I have only 700 miles on it to date. I'm a 75 year old former Miami organized crime lawyer, but, except for an occasional hand from my son, I designed and did every bit of the work myself.
Dr. Gene Neill
Mayo, Florida
under construction 
(10 years and still not finished) 
Drove the car into the garage & set 
about it with the angle grinder.
Mikes ‘Butterfly’ ... From Suffolk
Curt & Wivine on our Feght trike.

In the paint shop covering
up all those rusty bits.

On the road (West of Scotland), at last!
Dave & Denise Riding in the Eastern Lights Cavalcade
Kevs ‘Bannana’ !!
Kevs ‘Bannana’ !!
“i have built this completeley on my own just a little bit of odds 
+ ends to do and she is done. its called the bannana as my 6 year old 
picked the name”