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President's Charity 2017-2018 is the Ocean Ward of Southampton Hospital, which treats very young children with heart problems
(Past) Presidents Dinner, April 2017

To avoid two major occasions in March the President's Dinner was held on the 22nd April - after the new President (George Reid) had been installed. It was a formal occasion with ladies. Guests were Rt Rev Cuthbert Brogan OSB Abbot of Farnborough, Sam Parkin's son, Richard, and Richard's wife Lesley. President Sam welcomed all ladies and guests, and then spoke about some of the visits made and how he had come to enjoy his time as president. As is customery, George Reid presented Sam with an engraved tankard and his wife Christine with a bouquet of flowers. Sam was also presented by George with a large box, the contents of which were not announced.

As usual the evening ended with the raffle, expertly organised by Chris Smith.

Sam Parkin speaking after dinner.

George Reid presenting an engraved tankard to Sam Parkin.

George Reid presenting a Bouquet to Christine Parkin.

George Reid making a second Presentation to Sam Parkin.
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