Presidents Dinner

This was a formal occassion on St. Patrick's Day 17th March. 33 brothers and ladies dined on an interesting and tasty meal. Fr. Dan Donohoe said grace before and after the meal in Irish. George Reid asked Walter Noronha to say a few words about the birth of his new granchild. Apparently it started to come some weeks before it was due and Walter described the problem her husband had getting her to hospital in St. Albans. In the event they just got her into the ambulance before the baby was born. In his speech George Reid thanked the council and the brothers for all the support he had had during his year in office. Also he particularly thanked his wife Margaret for her support. He said that he was very pleased by the response to his chosen charity, the Ocean Ward of Southampton hospital, and expected the total to be in the region of 2200. A toast was then made to the ladies and guest (Fr. Dan). A bouquet from the circle was presented to Margaret by Chris Smith.

Walter Noronha then ran a successful raffle, at the end of which he thanked the circle for the many gifts donated. A lovely evening.

George Reid Speaking

Margaret Reid flanked by Pat O'Neil and Jim Manderson.

March 2018 Meeting

We had an excellent turnout for the March meeting and dinner, with 35 brothers present including visitors from Basingstoke, Southampton and Fleet, and one visiting gentleman.

The guests were welcomed after dinner by President George Reed who also told a story about the problems he had replacing a sidelight bulb on his car. National Treasurer Kevin Raffety of Basingstoke Circle responded on behalf of the guests and gave us on update about a problem on the Association website.

The customary "swindle" was held with the proceeds going to the President's Charity.

President George Reid expounding on car Bulb Changing.

Association Treasurer Kevin Raffety Speaking on Behalf of the Guests.

September Ladies Night

This was a formal occasion, with the ladies looking delightful and the men in their dinner jackets. Fr. Dan Dononhoe SDB was the only guest but Province 11 Director Roger Lilie of Southampton Circle was also present. President George Reid welcomed Fr. Dan and Roger Lillie and the ladies. He then want on to tell some stories about babies. Roger Lillie replied on behalf of the guests and told a very amusing story about whether a computer should be considered male or female. Finally, Walter Noronha and Peter Attridge ran the draw which had some lovely gifts. A really wonderful evening.

Director Roger Lillie Speaking. His wife Margaret and Fr. Dan Dononhoe in the background.