Welcome to the website of the West Surrey Circle, the 100th Circle of the Catenian Association. The Catenian Association is an association of like-minded Catholic gentlemen who meet together for mutual support and relaxation. Catenians are often professional or business men but may come from many other walks of life. There are regular social activities and these serve to extend the friendship to families and friends.

The Association

The Association, which was founded in 1908, is worldwide. The total membership is over 10,500. The headquarters are at 2nd Floor, 1 Park House, Station Square, Coventry CV1 2FL. The United Kingdom is divided into Provinces and each Province is divided into a number of Circles. Each Circle has an officer (Provincial Councillor) who represents the Circle at Province level and each Province has an officer (Director) who represents the province at Grand Council level. The role of Grand Council is to oversee the welfare and organisation of the Association, the role of the Provincial Councils is the development, co-ordination and regulation of Circles. West Surrey Circle is located within Province 11.

Province 11

Director - Roger Lillie (Southampton)

Provincial President - John Morley (Blandford Forum and Weymouth

Provincial Vice-President - Peter Daniels (Guernsey)

Provincial Secretary - Michael Jones (New Forest)

The Circles in Province 11 are:

Andover (365)
Axminster (260)
Basingstoke (213)
Bournemouth (31)
Fleet (256)
Guernsey (280)
Isle of Wight (227)
Jersey (171)
New Forest (217)
Poole (244)
Portsmouth (11)
Salisbury (266)
Southampton (12)
West Surrey (100)
Weymouth (193)
Winchester (163)
Blandford Forum Group

West Surrey Circle (100)

West Surrey Circle was founded on the 29th November, 1928. It currently meets at the Camberley Heath Golf Club, Camberley on the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings last under an hour, after which members retire to the bar for a social get-together, followed by dinner. The Circle holds a number of formal and informal dinners and lunches each year, to many of which, Ladies and guests are invited. Other activities such as barbecues and theatre outings are intended for the whole family.

A member of the clergy is invited to most of our dinners, and Masses are held on special occasions, which members are expected to attend. Members are encouraged to visit other Circles in the Province, as well as Circles in neighbouring Provinces and thus widen their circle of friends. Also, a visit to a local Circle can pleasurably fill an empty evening when away from home on business, either in this country or overseas.

Visit the website of the The Catenian Association where you will find much additional information