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Fixtures 2006/2007

I have received the following e-mail:-

Dear Sirs,


We write on behalf of the Football Data Co Limited which is the appointed licensee of the FA Premier League, the Football League, the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League ("the Leagues") in respect of the licensing of certain intellectual property rights of the Leagues, including those in the fixture lists for this season August 2006 - May 2007 ("the Fixture Lists"), for use by third parties.

We have noticed that your website http://www.chilvers1.demon.co.uk/ is displaying Football Fixtures. In order to display the Fixture Lists you must either obtain the necessary license from Football DataCo (dfolker@football-dataco.com) or be an officially nominated fanzine for your chosen club. If you are not nominated as the official club fanzine and you do not wish to purchase a fixture license you can post a link to your club??s official site.

Without nominated fanzine status or a license there is no provision for any fixture to appear in advance of the match being played. However, if there is an editorial preview of the next upcoming match in which the fixture is mentioned then this is unlikely to be objected to provided this is done in a clearly editorial form. Mentioning more than one fixture would not be accepted.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Stubbs

A Division of Projector NetResult Ltd
Mulberry House,