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Welcome to the ULTIMATE WIGAN ATHLETIC WEBSITE - the oldest Wigan Athletic site on the Web.

A lot of things have changed over the dozen or so years since we first introduced this site to the world. We were then a team struggling in the lower divisions, constantly facing the prospect of sinking out of the League, and probably out of existence. But now we are an established Premier League team. Not a big one, we agree, but nonetheless a Premier League club.

I don't particularly post any news on this site as things move so fast and there are so many other news channels who can update far faster than I can. Much of the "news" anyway is rumour.

I also don't post any fixtures. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't I've had my knuckles wrapped a couple of times by the copyright holders, and I don't really want to take the FA on in court.

But what I do have is what I think people want to know about their club. Some history. Some current information. A sort of living encyclopaedia of all things Wigan Athletic. The sort of place you may say "I don't know that - I'll have a look on the Ultimate Wigan Athletic website".

Enjoy your tour - click on the "What's on this site" button to the left to find out what's on the site. Does what it says on the tin!!

The opening friendly game at the DW Stadium (then JJB)
[By the way - that's me in the blue coat!!]
Then we only dreamed of playing Man Utd in league games


Wigan Athletic as a football club have only been in existence since 1932 following the demise of an earlier League club, Wigan Borough.

After many years of battling, and including one slightly tongue-in-cheek application to join the Scottish League, the Latics gained entry to the Football League in 1978. The early years were inauspicious, and in 1995 the club were in a sorry state, with relegation out of the League a possibility. A relegation that would have been terminally fatal to the club.

But local businessman, and then owner of JJB Sports, Dave Whelan bought the club, and promised Premier League football. The football world laughed.

But over the years the club rose, and rose, and rose. They left the old Second Division (now League One) with 100 points, they narrowly missed the play-offs in their first year in the second tier, and then triumphantly gained automatic promotion to the Premier League on a memorable Sunday afternoon against Reading. No-one laughed any more.

Just click here to listen to Nathan Ellington's goal that guaranteed us Premiership football

Everybody's favourite every year for relegation we are now setting out on our fifth year in the Premiership. We have a new manager, who is a legend at the club, Roberto Martinez, and we have gathered around him more old boys: Graeme Jones, Graham Barrow. Get your passports ready, folks; Europe here we come.

We have a fine 25,000 all-seater DW Stadium at Robin Park (making it a bit easier for you away fans to find us) well suited to top-level football.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, please let us know. Also, if we have any foreign fans I would love to hear from you.

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