The UT catalogue is updated bi-monthly.
To get a list by mail, send us a 50p stamp, or PayPal me 5 for a year's lists: utle2uk@tiscali.co.uk
Lists are also uploaded on our site, where you'll also find news pages & all sorts of other stuff!


Ultima Thule has moved! We are now at...
1c Conduit Street (3rd floor), Leicester, LE2 0JN
that's just 3 doors down from the old shop.

Ultima Thule Mail Order is unaffected. Our phone and fax numbers are the same.

Visitors are welcome at the new office, which is partly set-up like a shop.
Just press the intercom button for us to let you in.

Cheers - Alan.

p.s. As usual, the quick link to remember is: http://www.ultimathulerecords.com/