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updated 24/09/2009 [12:00]

UT Shop news...

Ultima Thule has moved!
Keeping the shop going had become too much of an expensive burden for us.
We'd been wanting to move for a while, as shop customers have become fewer.
This is happeed sooner than we expected, as the landlord gave us an offer we couldn't refuse.
He's let us out of our lease at no cost, with the offer of very cheap office space in the same building!

We are now up and running and awaiting all curious visitors at...
1C Conduit Street (3rd floor).

Ultima Thule Mail Order is unaffected, so please keep your orders coming - please!!!.
Our phone and fax numbers are the same!
A new bigger snazzier web site will also be here soon!

Note: there's an all-day festival happening in Leicester this Saturday 26 Sept, exact details TBC.
Multimorph will be playing ca. 3pm - so UT will be closed after 2pm.
Endgame are playing in the evening. I'll get you more accurate details once I have them.

Well, this is what the Musician web site says!...

The Dave Johnson Festival in aid of LOROS

Donation. 3pm till 1am

feat. Hewick, Haynes & Jaynes, The Punkettes, Shapeshifter, Phillip Middleton, Maxine & Paula, Philip the Poet, Kenny Willson, Endgame, The Nevous Wrecks, Rodger Pugh, Jon The Singer, Red Stripe, Victoria Bourne & Chris Harper,Multimorph, Dave & Nikki.


New UT Stocks...

new list for September-October now online!

Compact Discs


Krautrock & Kosmische Musik

CAN - SOUNDTRACKS (Spoon) CD m/m 8.00 - Music composed for films.

ELOY - FLOATING (Electrola) CD m/m 8.00 - 3rd album (1974), high-energy space trek with Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Santana, Yes influences.

EDGAR FROESE - AQUA (Virgin) CD 8.00 - Excellent solo debut of aquatic synth music.

GROBSCHNITT - SOLAR MUSIC LIVE (Metronome) CD m/m 10.00 - Incredible 52 minute version of their classic space-rock opus! (c) 1978.

GURU GURU - KÄNGURU (Brain) CD ex+/m 10.00

GURU GURU - WAH WAH (Think Progressive) CD 13.00 - Guru Guru 1995! Back on form, with a new style! Radical, creative, eccentric! So hip & so unhip! Great!

GURU GURU/ULI TREPTE - LIVE & UNRELEASED (Spalax: DP) CD 13.00 - Extended version of the "Hot On Spot/Inbetween" LP originally released on United Dairies. Guru Guru live in 1972 (42'12"), Uli Trepte sessions circa 1974 (20'14").

HAIRY CHAPTER - CAN'T GET THROUGH/EYES (Second Battle: DP) CD 15.00 - Monster heavy Kraut psych underground for guitar freaks! Their 2 LP's complete on 1 CD!

HARMONIA - MUSIK VON HARMONIA (Brain) CD ex+/m 10.00 - Classic Cluster/Neu! hybrid, pre-"Zuckerzeit" trippy ambient space music & weird Eno-esque edge. (c) 1973.


Canterbury, Gong, Zeuhl, RIO

DASHIEL HEDAYAT - OBSOLETE (Mantra) CD m/ex+ 11.00

HENRY COW - CONCERTS (ESD) 2CD m/m 25.00 - Excellent reworks of studio material & lengthy improvisations. Note: also features their 4 "Greasy Truckers Party" contributions!

HENRY COW - WESTERN CULTURE (RéR: 3xBT) CD 10.75 - Final album. Inventive fusion, showing much influence from darker arranged Mothers, & comparable to Univers Zero.

HENRY COW - THE VIRGIN YEARS (ESD/RéR) 3CD m/ex+ 40.00 - Limited edition box set of "Legend" (1xBT), "Unrest" (2xBT) & "In Praise Of Learning" (1xBT) plus historical booklet & poster family tree. Note: P&P = 9 units!

HUGH HOPPER - 1984 (Cuneiform: 1xBT) CD 12.00 - Probably the weirdest excellent album to emerge from the Soft Machine clan, fascinating & bizarre.

ISOTOPE - GOLDEN SECTION (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Excellent 1975 live set inc. Hugh Hopper. Think Soft Machine meets Mahavishnu Orchestra, kind of!

MAGMA - STUDIO ZUND (Seventh) 12CD m/ex+ 60.00 - Box set of studio recordings: "Magma" (2CD), "1001 Centigrades", "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommando", "Wurdah Itah", "Köhntarkösz", "Udu Wudu", "Attahk", Merci", "K.A." & "Archiw I & II" (2CD). Note: P&P = 20 units.

MATCHING MOLE - MARCH (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Live Spring 1972, in a very loose & improv mode, with lots of variations on known themes done very differently, no real songs either!

PRESENT - CERTITUDES (Cuneiform) CD m/m 9.00

SOFT MACHINE - SPACED (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Not your normal Soft Machine, this is mostly looped & twisted strangeness! In the realms of "Out-Bloody-Rageous" & Hopper's "1984", but even more out-there. An extraordinary relic!

SOFT MACHINE - NOISETTE (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Live at Croydon Fairfield Hall, 4/1/70. The concert from which "Facelift" (on "Third") was largely constructed. This is the quintet version of the band in full-flight & mostly instrumental, with familiar & rare material.

UNIVERS ZERO - HERESIE (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Arguably their masterpiece, "Heresie" is even more vivid on CD. Gothic futuristic fusion.

UNIVERS ZERO - RELAPS (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - "Archives 1984-1986". Classic unreleased live by the "Heatwave" line-up, with dual keyboards & power!

VON ZAMLA - 1983 (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - Unreleased Bremen radio & Hildersheim concerts. Unique versions of material from the second line-up. Dazzling stuff! Imagine Robert Wyatt & Henry Cow mixed with baroque & folk musics.


General Rock, Prog & Psych


BANCO - COME IN UN'ULTIMA CENA (Virgin) CD m/m 6.50 - Aka "As In A Last Supper".

BANCO - ...DI TERRA (Virgin) CD ex+/m 7.50 - Symphonic instrumental rock featuring full orchestra! A surprising album with lots of guitar & piano, crossing Enid, Art Zoyd & Camel.

BANCO - SEGUENDO LE TRACCE (Ma.Ra.Cash) CD m/m 9.00 - Live 23/4/1975.


HALLOWEEN - LAZ (Musea: 1xBT) CD m/m 15.00 - Classic 2nd LP, spooky & powerful progressive, with a dark sinister air complementing the H.P. Lovecraft texts.

HAPSHASH & THE COLOURED COAT - FEATURING THE HUMAN HOST & THE HEAVY METAL KIDS (Repertoire) CD 13.00 - Classic 1967 Amon Düül-ish psychedelic trip.

HAZCHEM - STAR MAP EXCURSION (SPM) CD m/ex+ 15.00 - Son of Rustic Hinge, sister group to: High Tide & Third Ear Band, like a mixture of all, with hints of Soft Machine, Gong, Embryo.

HELDON - AGNETA NILSSON (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - "Heldon 4", transitional Heldon, with a bigger more powerful sound: Mellotron, synths, Frippian guitars galore!

HELDON - UN REVE SANS CONSEQUENCE SPECIALE (Cuneiform: 2xBT) CD 12.00 - "Heldon 5", superb electronic rock as only the French have made.

HELDON - INTERFACE (Cuneiform: 2xBT) CD 12.00 - "Heldon 6", classic space-guitar & synth-rock, with more rock & sequencers than before.

HELDON - STAND BY (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - The ultimate power synth-rock opus - amazing! King Crimson trip into hyperspace!

HERBE ROUGE - HERBE ROUGE (Legend: 12xBT) CD m/m 15.00

HERETIC - 1984-88 (Belle Antique, Japan) CD ex+/ex+ 18.00 - Japanese Pinhas/Heldon, Ashra, King Crimson inspired electronic-progressive.

HIGH TIDE - SEA SHANTIES (Repertoire) CD m/ex+ 9.00 - Radical heavy psych-rock storming debut, essential for Hawkwind fans!

HIGH TIDE - HIGH TIDE (Repertoire) CD m/m 11.00 - 2nd, more complexly progressive development, recommended to T2, Man & Message fans.

HIGH TIDE - ANCIENT GATES (SPM) CD m/m 18.00 - A strange twist on the High Tide sound, with an Indian female vocalist & a heavy raga style. 67 minutes of heavy magic!

INFINITY - INFINITY (Syn-Phonic) CD ex+/m 8.00 - Obscure 70's US Pomp-Rock band.

KAWABATA MAKOTO - YOU ARE THE MOONSHINE (mar/ino) CD m/ex+ 6.00 - Japanese drone/tone guitar, etc., from Musica Transonica member.

METAMORFOSI - PARADISO (Progressivamente) CD m/m 9.00 - 2004 reformation.

RICHARD PINHAS - ICELAND (Cuneiform: 1xBT) CD 12.00 - Hautingly bleak & chillingly beautiful synths & guitar.

RICHARD PINHAS - TRANZITION (Cuneiform) CD 12.00 - With superb use of dissonant/melodic guitar/synth, against sonic collage & excellent drums from Antoine Paganotti, this amounts to his most Heldon-like recording since Heldon! (c) 2004.


Jazzy, Fusions, ECM, Folk

IRENA HAVLOVA & VOJTECH HAVEL - HATA H. (Primus) CD m/ex+ 10.00 - Strange & esoteric gothic neo-classical weirdness from Czechoslovakia, like an instrumental Nico.


Synth, Ambient, New-Age, Etc.

OLE HØJER HANSEN - THE DOME (Olga) CD ex+/m 13.00 - 1990 CD of cosmic Schulzian hybrids. A touch more classical spiced than his Auricle cassette "Nudity", this has classic KS "X", "Dune" type motifs, in long tracks, with a little Ragnar Grippe & Tangerine Dream in too! We lost contact with Danish talent Ole for several years, but he still had copies of this cosmic trip. A UT exclusive!


The Grey Area / Weird Musics

PETER MICHAEL HAMEL - NADA (Ginkgo) CD m/m 15.00 - Revolutionary synth/systemic/meditation album. Really ethereal, relaxed & strangely resonant music.



krautrock & kosmische musik

EMBRYO - EMBRYO'S REISE (Indigo: GF,BK) 2LP m/ex+ 20.00



General Rock, Prog & Psych

FRANCOIS BREANT - SONS OPTIQUES (Egg) LP vg?/vg 7.50 - Complex synth/keys fronted prog/instrumental circa 1976-79, elements of Heldon, Zeuhl fusions, complex classical synth & all sorts of surprises.

L'INFONIE - VOL. 333 (Kot'ai KOT-3303: GF) 2LP vg-ex/vg 45.00 - French-Canadian band & NWW list item, with LP1 being their finest opus. This is apparently worth 100 in m/m condition!


Jazzy, Fusions, ECM, Folk - some tasty rarities!!!...

CONTRABAND - TIME & SPACE (Epic) LP vg+-ex+/ex 15.00 - 1970 US experimental jazz & fusion rarity. Feat. Bruce Cale (ex-Spontaneous Music Ensemble) & Gil Melle cohort Pete Robinson.

ENERGIT - ENERGIT (Supraphon: RE) LP ex/vg+ 15.00 - Excellent Czech mid-70's jazz-rock fusion with electric sax akin to Zappa's fusion style.

GONDA SEXTET - SAMANENEK (Pepita: IN) LP vg+/ex 15.00 - Hungarian jazz meets world music obscurity. Sometimes a bit too jazzy for me, but excellent in parts, & very creative too.

ISKRA - ISKRA (Caprice CAP 2006: GF) 2LP vg-ex+/ex-co 30.00 - NWW list item by Swedish experimental, jazz & folk fusion eccentrics. Actually a lot more jazz than their later LP's.

COLETTE MAGNY - TRANSIT (Chant du Monde LDX 74570: triple-GF) LP vg/ex 15.00 - Amongst the best of Colette's experimental LP's: poetry, song & weirdness. On the NWW list!

MARC OGERET - VIVRE (Vogue: GF) LP ex/ex 5.00 - Well-known jazzers with singer Jacques E. Deschamps. (c) 1981. For those that like unusual French chanson it may be wonderful.

AMANCIO PRADA - VIDA E MORTE (Alvares) LP ex/ex 5.00 - Spanish folk singer. Seemingly all protest songs & not my sort of thing! (c) 1974.


Music Videos

MIKE OLDFIELD - ELEMENTS (Virgin) DVD m/m 10.00 - Includes the classic 1976 TV performance of "Tubular Bells, Part 1" featuring Steve Hillage, Mike Ratledge, etc.

TANGERINE DREAM - INFERNO (Recall) DVD m/m 10.00 - "The classic 1911 film adaptation of Dante's epic from director Giuseppe de Liguoro". TD's soundtrack dates from 2002.

Various Artists...

BEAT-CLUB, THE BEST OF '73 (ARD) DVD ex+/m 10.00 - 14 tracks: Atomic Rooster "Breakthrough" (4'55"), Earth & Fire "Maybe Tomorrow,..." (3'10"), Ekseption "Flight Of The Bumble-Bee" (3'30"), ELP "Knife Edge" (7'15"), King Crimson "Larks Tongues In Aspic" (5'42"), etc. 4:3 picture aspect ratio, 2.0 & 5.1 dolby digital sound.


New items arrive all the while, so watch this space!

Newest UT Products...

EXTREMITIES - X-RAY (Auricle) 2CDR 11.75 - Culled from 2 very different sessions, over 2 months apart, & some different equipment in use, expect the unexpected with "X-Ray"! I put the key elements together as conceived works or in jig-saw fashion, seguing randomly diverse moods one after the other. Sometimes mixed, sometimes jarring, or invisible. The transitions weld together picture music like stories, with melancholy, anger, fear & pure emotion. From the beautiful to the totally bizarre. What started as 30+ chosen fragments & mixes, became 22 pieces, pieced together as the 8 works on this 2CD set.

ALAN FREEMAN - DARK CORRIDORS (Auricle) CDR 5.00 - Originall credited to Xylem. "Dark Corridors" was inspired by hours upon hours of getting lost in playing games on the Sinclair Spectrum, especially those by Gargoyle Games & Ultimate "Play The Game" - fascinating puzzle & labyrinth games, the likes of which seem to have disappeared since. I tried to emulate that spookiness & surreal atmosphere, although I did too much layering & filtering it seems, which resulted in quite a bit of tape hiss. I've tried to rectify that here, & get rid of some crackle & a few glitches. Apart from that, this is true to the original tape with no actual remix. © 1986.

QUADELECTRONIC - CITIES IN FLIGHT (Auricle) 2CDR 11.75 - Quadelectronic is a unique inexplicable monthly event. More of a "happening" than a regular gig. An improv, jam, workshop event for those that love to experiment & interact in free improvisation. Open house, within reason, anything can happen. Naturally, the key focus is electronics, although other instruments extensively feature. Performances have ranged from free-form chaos to space-rock to cosmic jazz, to pure synthesizer or avant-garde electronics. This is one of the finest ever. Featuring Chris Conway, Dave Dhonau, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Dave Powell, Jim Tetlow, etc.

ENDGAME - THINGAMAJIG (Auricle) CDR 6.85 - A collection of diverse fragments & choice pieces from 3 different sessions. It seems that we were into pure experimentation & trying out lots of new ideas in winter 2003/4. There are musical concoctions here that even I've never heard before. In all, it amounts to some of the weirdest Endgame ever, some of it like sonic meteor collisions rendered with the most bizarre sounds imaginable. Yet there are still moments of pure beauty. The familiar meets the unfamiliar, there's a surprise around every corner!

ENDGAME - TEMPORAL CEMENT (Auricle) CDR 6.85 - Another one hour opus, expanded, time dilated & convoluted by Alan, running amok with pitch shifting, collage & digital musique-concrete techniques. From silence to thunderous highs, a myriad different places, & back down again - feel the cement set!

ENDGAME - HORSELENGTH (Auricle) DVDR 8.80 - Live at The Horse Hospital, 14/12/2008. Our first gig outside Leicester, 2 sets in 47 minutes, with video recorded/edited by Jim Tetlow.

ESCAPE ROUTE - COLUMNS OF HERAKLES (Auricle) CDR 6.85 - Spontaneous live sessions recorded at Quadelectronic event in 2008. Who knows what the future will hold when one has ventured towards "the lost realm of Atlantis" & created music like nothing else on Earth!

ALAN FREEMAN - ELEMENTAL MEDITATION (Auricle) CDR 5.00 - Recorded live at Tachyon Studio on 2/12/2001 in real time to cassette tape, with the intention of being used for concert backing tapes but never was!

TRIAX - METAMORPHIC TRICKSTER (Auricle) CDR 6.85 - "A Surly Finalé" was actually the first track recorded here, because it seemed more like an ending, even when we did it. After that we (or, should I say - I) had problems with weird buzzing. Arghhh, perils of the misbehaving noisy computer, I couldn't locate the problem so decided to give it a rest & concentrate on guitar instead, & hence we have a very different Triax here, on the one hand back to early Triax sound, but with a wider ranging, richer, more "melodic" sound palette.


Audion News...

Audion #10 - 2.50 - photocopy reprint!
Audion #13
- 2.50 - photocopy reprint!
Audion #55 - 3.00 - Caravan, etc.

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg CD-Rom - 20.00 - exhaustive German Music (Krautrock) CD-Rom Encyclopedia
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg magazine - 24 issues - 3.00 each (10 per batch of 4) - printed version of the CD-Rom

All prices as in the UT shop, and (subject to availabilty) by mail-order + P&P rates as detailed elsewhere on this site.