Alto Stratus: Tension!

(Auricle AMCDR 008) CDR

Alto Stratus - Tension CD, design by Alan freeman from the cassette cover by Steve Freeman7.00 + p&p

"We always knew that Tension was the intention...."

1. No Inset? 31'30"
Stone In! 30'10"
Ion Nest 17'10"

Composed, constructed, produced & engineered by Alto Stratus.
Tracks 1,2 recorded at Dark Star Studio (July 1984).
Previously released as a cassette (Auricle AMC 002) © 1984.
Track 3 recorded at Tachyon Studio (20 August 2001).

Original 1984 recording...
Alan & Steve Freeman: Yamaha CS5, Casio keys, guitar, loops, tapes, vocals.

Bonus 2001 session...
Alan Freeman: guitar, Korg Poly 800, Moog Rogue, Siel Orchestra 2, voice.
Steve Freeman: guitar, loops, processing, effects, Yamaha CS5, acoustic CD.

Conceived as an ode to both the experimental Krautrock of Guru Guru and the Paris electronic rock scene of acts like Heldon, TENSION! focuses on guitars extensively, along with sequential synths, and a manic industrial invention akin to Throbbing Gristle. The CDR bonus track saw the 2001 Alto Stratus reinventing the TENSION sound.


Still available...

(Auricle AMC 002) c60

Alto Stratus - Tension cassette, design/collage by Steve Freeman4.50 + p&p

No Inset? 29'39"

Stone In! 28'43"

Recorded at Dark Star Studio (July 1984).

Steve & Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, tapes, vocals.