Alto Stratus: Catharsis

(Auricle AMC 049) c90

Alto Stratus - Catharsis cassette, artwork by Alan Freeman6.00 + p&p

Necronomicon Suite 45'30"
... 1) Birth, 2) Humanoid, 3) Mutation, 4) Creature,
... 5) Power, 6) Alien, 7) Mutation, 8) Nightmare

Cymbaline 13'08"
D.O.A. 9'38"
Let Me Out 18'40"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (24 January-24 December 2000).

Alan Freeman: synths, percussion, effects, guitar, voice, loops, records, sampling.
Steve Freeman: synths, loops, guitar, voice, bowed cymbals, records, sampling.

The long-awaited return of Alto Stratus started as an attempt to do a sequel to the Biomechanoid album, in parallel to our work in Endgame and the Newt Hounds project, yet although Gigeresque the "Necronomicon Suite" was much more patently Alto Stratus. Also, a new Alto Stratus style had developed, stepping back to the mid-80's sound and reinventing it, thus the title CATHARSIS.