Alto Stratus: PsYcHoSiS

(Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 011) CD

Alto Stratus - PsYcHoSiS, artwork by Alan Freeman10.00 + p&p

1. Not The Intension 5'42"
Flayed To Submission 7'50"
Innerhead Persuasion 7'55"
Drawn To The Menagerie 16'35"
The Celebrated Ritual 5'15"
Plight Of The Restless Insomniac 20'12"
Scaling The Black Tower 6'15"
A Touch Of Alchemy 6'20"

Recorded by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (October-November 2000 &
October-December 2001).

Alan Freeman: voice, cassette loops, guitar, violin bow, acoustic CD, cymbals, chains, metal, sticks, wires, springs, Roland GR-33 guitar-synth, Moog Rogue, Korg Poly 800 & Doepfer MS-404 synths, effects (Zoom GFX-707 guitar effects, Zoom 1201, Zoom RFX-1000, MAM RS-3 resonator, MAM Warp 9 filter, Yamaha E-1005 analogue delay).
Steve Freeman: tapes, portastudio, cassette loops, CD loops, PC wave sampling, collage, turntable, guitar, bass guitar, violin bow, acoustic CD, cymbals, chains, metal, sticks, wires, Korg MS 20, Yamaha CS-5 & Octave Cat synth, effects (Korg ToneWorks AX1000G guitar effects, Zoom BFX-708 bass effects, Alesis Midiverb III, Behringer Virtualizer & Modulizer, Evans Echopet).

Continuing ideas developed on CATHARSIS, with the tracks "Cymbaline" and "Let Me Out" particularly, the concept of PsYcHoSiS as a yin and yang album of radical contrasts quickly developed, with the new dense Alto Stratus sound gelling and mutating after the creation of the TENSION 2001 track "Ion Nest". PsYcHoSiS is both beautiful and disturbing, melodic and harsh, pushing at new frontiers whilst also revisiting the Alto Stratus of the past.