Alto Stratus: Time Dilation / Metamorphosis

(Auricle AMCDR 098) CDR

Alto Stratus - Time Dilation / Metamorphosis, artwork by Alan Freeman7.00 + p&p

1. Mountain 5'09"
Passage 2'57"
Pompeii / Firedance / Statues 17'05"
Roots & Branches 10'42"
Elevator 9'41"
Fortress 10'29"
Observatory 9'45"

Direct to digital recording at Tachyon Studio (29 January & 19 March 2007)
Mix, editing & reconstruction 8/11 April 2007 by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: guitar (with effects, violin bow and gliss), Roland SH32 synthesizer, Roland guitar synth, bowed spring-board & acoustic CD, prepared sounds
Steve Freeman: bass (with effects, violin bow), bowed cymbal & acoustic CD, prepared sounds, tapes and loops, guitar, synths (Korg MS20, Yamaha CS5, Octave Cat)

With TIME DILATION, the VCD video release, you get the raw (virtually) as they were performed pieces from a live in the studio January 2007 session. Whereas, with the music CD version TIME DILATION / METAMORPHOSIS you get an altogether different creation, featuring much of the same source music, but along with overdubs and new recordings from a March session, along with additional reconstruction and editing.

The resulting CD is a wide ranging melange of sonic textures, loops, guitars and electronics, at times revisiting the realms of old releases like TACHYON or THE RITUAL, but with that daring new Alto Stratus sound that "boldly goes" places that even we've never heard of! A hell of a lot of synthesizer textures on this one (lots of bizarre twittering and weird sonics especially), organs and fuzz guitars, pieces of musique-concrete and stuff that no one has given a name to yet!