Alto Stratus: Live @ Bambu

(Auricle AMCDR 103) CDR

Alto Stratus - Live @ Bambu, artwork by Alan Freeman7.00 + p&p

1. The Marie Celeste 9'03"
Possibly One Or Two Numbers 42'20"
Alan Freeman - Contact 7'24"
Steve Freeman - My Link Is Long 8'24"
Atlas To Rust 12'07"

Recordings of the Alto Stratus sets and solos from the "Improv Electronic" nights at Bambu, Leicester, 29 January, 21 March & 18 April 2007, collated and repaired as authentically as possible by Alan Freeman, 22-25 April 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar, Roland SH32 & guitar synth, bowed spring-board & acoustic CD, sounds, (on 18 April gig: just acoustic CD, spring-board, bells, voice, with effects)
Steve Freeman: bowed cymbal & acoustic CD, prepared sounds, tapes and loops, guitar, plus (21 March gig) Moog Rogue synth, (on 18 April gig: just acoustic CD, multi-track tapes & effects)

Way back in the early days we had the idea of performing as Alto Stratus live in concert, but it never happened as never did we expect to find a venue willing to put on such weird music. Eventually, we tested the idea as small slots at Endgame gigs. With Jim away in Australia it seemed a good idea to split our "Improv Electronic" sets into our two other active projects: Alto Stratus and Triax. This disc documents material from two such gigs in 2007, plus a third event that was billed as a "solos night" - which actually turned into a solos, duos, plus a big jam at the end night! Our solos and duet as Alto Stratus are also included here, for a great value 79+ minute disc.