Alto Stratus: Time Dilation

(Auricle AMDVD 002) DVDR

Alto Stratus - Time Dilation, artwork by Alan Freeman.9.00 + p&p

sample low-res video montage

1. intro 4'30"
Roots 9'55"
Pompeii 14'30"
Elevator 14'18"
Fortress 14'00"
bonus 12'33"

Direct to digital recording & filming at Tachyon Studio (29 January 2007)
Mix & reconstruction 30 January - 6 February by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: guitar (with effects, violin bow and gliss), Roland SH32 synthesizer, Roland guitar synth, bowed spring-board & acoustic CD, prepared sounds
Steve Freeman: bass (with effects, violin bow), bowed cymbal & acoustic CD, prepared sounds, tapes and loops, guitar, synths (Korg MS20, Yamaha CS5, Octave Cat)

New edition now available on DVD. A few copies of the VCD video disc are still available at 7.00 +P&P. Also, there are a few DVD's of the VCD version also at 7.00 +P&P. Note that a VCD will not play on a CD player, you should use a VCD compatible DVD machine or computer.

Note: this video was filmed using a cheap digital photo camera connected to a PC.
The visual quality isn't amazing, but it's not bad and certainly watchable, almost like having Alto Stratus performing in your living room without all the inconvenience!
For full effect, turn it up loud on your TV surround system and feel the floor shudder!
The disc also contains psychedelic video animations and oscillating auto-pan camera movement, of which the latter can be a little disorienting, and thus we do not recommend it for people that easily get sea sick or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs!