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Specialist cassette label, established in the mid-1980's to present our own private recordings and for other obscure artists worthy of further exposure.

All cassettes are quality Chrome unbranded tape, which were duplicated in real-time by Colin Potter, ICR Studio, Preston. As Colin no longer does cassette duplication, the titles available on this page should be considered as the last remaining stocks, otherwise - deleted, but available until we run-out that is!

Note: many titles on this page are now available as CDR releases!

1. Alto Stratus - Svet Ozveny (AMC 001) c90
Alto Stratus - Tension! (AMC 002) c60
Alto Stratus - Tachyon (AMC 004) c60
ZBB - Cortex! (AMC 006) c45
Peter Frohmader - Orakel/Tiefe (AMC 011) c46
Aussenminister/Model 81 - Same (AMC 015) c50
Con-Hertz - Face on Radio (AMC 016) c50
Günter Schickert - Gam 1976 (AMC 017) c50
Peter Frohmader - Jules Verne Cycle (AMC 018) c46
Robert Rich - Live (AMC 021) c90
ZBB - Out Of The Ashes (AMC 022) c45
Asmus Tietchens - Musik aus der Grauzone (AMC 024) c60
Asmus Tietchens - Musik an der Grenze (AMC 025) c40
Moore/Myers - Reaching Beyond the Sphere (AMC 026) c60
Con-Hertz - Contrasts (AMC 028) 2x c90
Robert Rich - Inner Landscapes (AMC 029) c90
Ole Højer Hansen - Nudity (AMC 032) c70
Djam Karet - Kafka's Breakfast (AMC 033) c50
Asmus Tietchens - Musik im Schatten (AMC 034) c40
Alto Stratus - The Ritual (AMC 035) c60
Tangle Edge - Improvised Drop Outs (AMC 043) c62
Endgame - Stretched Across the Sea (AMC 046) c92 cassette only
Endgame - Early Stasis (AMC 047) c92 cassette only
Endgame - Treppenhaus (AMC 048) c92 cassette only
Alto Stratus - Catharsis (AMC 049) c92 cassette only

Escape From The Cage series...
1: Space-Rock & the Fourth Dimension (AMC 040) c90
2: Into the Underworld (AMC 041) c90
3: Images of Infinity (AMC 044) c90

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Reissue note: indicates a CD or CDR version is also available!

When the ramaining stocks of the above cassettes are sold out they will be deleted. Most of these we no longer have the rights for anyway, and/or only have the rights to issue in the cassette format. The master tapes for some are with the owners and thus there is little possibility of a CD release. We tried to negotiate rights for the Peter Frohmader's and the Asmus Tietchens series, but both wanted pre-payment on new licence deals, and we weren't convinced that we could cope with that, or that the sales on these eclectic obscurities would great enough to be financially viable.

Note that items 23-26 (Endgame - Stretched Across the Sea, Early Stasis, Treppenhaus, and Alto Stratus - Catharsis) are all 50 copy limited editions on cassette, and will not be reissued on CD until the cassette are sold-out (or nearly sold-out). Also, if these ever do appear on CD (as they are c90's) they will have to be significantly more expensive 2CD sets!

There is the possibility of Con-Hertz reissues, as the licence for these was given free to us with no restrictions, however we do really need to sell-out of current cassette stocks first before we do this.

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