Endgame: Catalyst (Ultimate Transmissions UTCD 004/5) 2CD

Catalyst, cover by Jim Tetlow15.00 + P&P

disc 1...
A Strange Time For Angels 30'40"
2. Place Your Bets 43'13"

disc 2...
Evaporating Demons From The Mind's Eye 20'10"
2. Six Pathways Through The Dark
... Path 1: Alone In The City 4'52"
... Path 2: By The Spooky Cemetery 7'22"
... Path 3: At The Rim Of Fire 10'34"
... Path 4: On The Way To Lhasa 5'17"
... Path 5: Through The Wasteland 10'48"
... Path 6: To The Edge Of The World 7'40"

Recorded by Jim Tetlow at Tachyon Studio 18+25/8/99, mixed 7/5/00.

Alan Freeman: synths, tape loops, gadgets, voice.
Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, bongos, can.
Jim Tetlow: synths, guitar, voice, tapes, loops, toys.

Catalyst infos...

This CD defined the Endgame sound and the idea of double CD's, one more relaxed/cosmic, and the other more dark/sinister. A yin and yang, a balance of sorts, from the beauty of "A Strange Time For Angels" to the menacing "Six Pathways..."