Endgame: Cryptic Triptych (Auricle AMCDR 016) CDR

Cryptic Triptych, cover by Jim Tetlow7.00 + P&P

1. Left Door 10'09"
2. What Lies Behind 13'40"
3. Right Door 9'37"
4. Left Panel 12'45"
5. Panorama 21'46"
6. Right Panel 10'20"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (15 March 2000).
Mixed by Jim Tetlow at Tachyon Studio (10 March 2002).

Steve Freeman: analogue synths, samples, guitar, turntable, voice.
Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, loops, turntable, voice, gadgets.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, guitar, voice, didgeridoo, tapes.

Cryptic Triptych infos...

Involving two interlocking triptychs, this is a cleverly interwoven work of themes, diversions and reprises, centred largely on fuzzed guitars and electronics, with a plethora of strange sounds, that all add up to a Brueghel-esque visionary strangeness!