Endgame: H2SO4 (Auricle AMCDR 047) CDR

H2SO4, cover by Jim Tetlow7.00 + P&P

1. Attention: Recycling In Progress! 18'30"
2. Antimatter Statues 8'24"
3. A Vision Scent 14'54"
4. Cyclical Garage Exchange 15'23"
5. In Fractured Dementia 9'26"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (15 November 2000). Original mix by Jim Tetlow,
with mastering by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (1 June 2004).

Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, samples, turntable.
Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, cymbal.
Jim Tetlow: guitar, Sound Canvas, voice, loops.

H2SO4 infos...

Attention: Recycling In Progress!
Opens very Dada, with mutated cats and scuttling violin, amidst a wealth of other idescribable sounds, migrating into a glissando soup of guitars and mumbling voices, all becoming corrosive and mangled.

Antimatter Statues
Synthetic birds flocking in an echoed swamp counterpoint with a slow ring-modulated sequencer.

A Vision Scent
Atmospheric Cluster realms.

Cyclical Garage Exchange
Swirly haze, with guitars and percussives, with a hint of NWW, turns into a bizarre array of dissonant and strumming guitars.

In Fractured Dementia
Resonant kerrangs and ring modulations with menacing feel.