Endgame: B C N U (Auricle AMCDR 070) CDR

BCNU, cover by Jim Tetlow7.00 + P&P

1. Xenogen 7'11"

Six Of One 42'53"
2. Arrival 10'00"
The Green Dome 4'21"
A, B or C 7'27"
Rover 13'32"
Paradox 5'45"
I Am Not... 1'46"

8. Shards Of Ice Quench The Fire In The Mind 24'50"

Recorded at 21 November 2001 at Tachyon Studio.
Original mix by Jim Tetlow 12 January 2002.
Editing and remastering by Alan Freeman 3 July 2005.

Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, gadgets.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, guitar, voice, loops, tapes.
Steve Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, turntable.

B C N U infos...

An album of cryptic clues and an enigmatic concept!

"Xeno" means alien or foreign, "Gen" relates to birth or creation. Aptly, this is a bizarre work of fractured metal, and a glimpse towards "Shards Of Ice..."

Six Of One
Those in the know will know what the concept behind this is, those that don't will find to be a bizarre mind-trip, and another Endgame imaginary soundtrack!

Shards Of Ice Quench The Fire In The Mind
This wonderful title aptly captures the feel of the sprawling opus that crackles, shatters and rumbles, decaying to a huge sprawling mass...