Endgame: Obvious (Auricle AMCDR 086) CDR

Obvious, cover by Jim Tetlow7.00 +P&P

1. Stratharst 10'23"
2. Ethnic Forgery #1 2'14"
3. Shivering Pyres 7'08"
4. Hiding Behind The Hole 0'40"
5. Ausland 7'00"
6. Exotic Organism 3'30"
7. Biostrom Environ 8'20"
8. Ethnic Forgery #2 1'44"
9. Existentialist Surrealistic Meditation 15'17"
10. Msinagro Citoxe 2'45"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Knightoin Fields, Leicester
(2/4/6/8/10: 6 February 2002; 1/3/5/7/9: 19 June 2002).
Original mix by Jim Tetlow in Elmsthorpe (2002).
Editing and remix by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (29 October & 1 November 2006).

Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, cymbal, springboard, acoustic CD, loops
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, acoustic CD, prepared thumb piano, voice
Steve Freeman: synths, bass, voice, harmonica, cymbal, acoustic CD, tapes, loops

A point of irony, in that nothing is really obvious in this strange potpourri of sound environments, vignettes and reconstructed improvisations. There are clues in some of the titles, yet some are just word/mind games. That's the spirit of Endgame, right down to the surprisingly tense and powerful "Existentialist Surrealistic Meditation".