Endgame: A Mind Unfolding (AMDVD 004) DVD

A Mind Unfolding, painting by Jim Tetlow, layout by Alan Freeman9.00 + P&P

1. A Mind Unfolding 29'13"
2. Disembodied Watcher 34'38"
3. What Can You See? 29'41"

bonus material...
4. Endgame Discography / Credits 2'51"
5. Jim Tetlow - A Little Synapse Gallery 2'48"
6. Endgame Home Movie 3'31"

Recorded & filmed at Tachyon Studio, 22 July 2007.
Original Artwork: Jim Tetlow. Design: Alan Freeman.
Director/Animation: Alan Freeman, 15-29 October 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar, Korg & Roland synths, Computer samples, springs, etc.
Steve Freeman: sounds, Moog, Octave & Yamaha synths, bass, acoustic CD, etc..
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, keyboard, voice, gadgets, etc.

Endgame live in the studio, recorded and filmed spontaneously, and largely unremixed. With three real big chunks of that patent Endgame primordial ooze, that ebbs, grows and threatens to engulf listener, this also goes places that Endgame have never been before!

Also a special visual treat, featuring many rarely seen paintings by Jim Tetlow, showcasing his Dali cum Dada approach to surrealism, along with montages, animations and psychedelic warped visual effects by Alan Freeman, and (of course) glimpses of Endgame performing the music in the studio! 91 mins + bonus = amazing value!

Amazing what you can do on a shoestring budget these days!

YOUTUBE Preview videos...
A Mind Unfolding - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_9VrRZsCts&fmt=18
Disembodied Watcher -
What Can You See? -