Endgame: Dark Matter (AMDVD 005) DVD

Dark Matter, cover by Alan Freeman9.00 + P&P

1. Dark Matter 85'19"

Format: 16:9 widescreen PAL, region free

Recorded & filmed at Tachyon Studio, 8 July 2007.
Director/Animation: Alan Freeman, 1-15 November 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar, Korg & Roland synths, Computer samples, springs, etc.
Steve Freeman: sounds, Moog, Octave & Yamaha synths, bass, acoustic CD, etc..
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, keyboard, guitar, voice, gadgets, etc.

No studio film on this one! This is pure music video, with space scenes, warped effects and all sorts of weird art and psychedelic visuals! All visuals, excepting a number of Hubble space photos, were created and animated using basic free animation and processing tools, generating some 40 gig of files in the process! Ever since first seeing Adrian Wagner's Merak video, I'd always wanted to a deep space mind trip, and this is my fist attempt. I'm really pleased with it, and I hope you enjoy it too. No doubt there will be more to come!

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