Endgame: Memento (Auricle AMCDR 135) CDR

Memento, cover by Alan Freeman 7.00 +P&P

Memento (a suite in 4 movements)

1. I Make A Mirror [for Florian Fricke] 10'42"
2. Nearly Nothing [for Luc Ferrari] 14'22"
3. A Very Small Earthquake [for François Bayle] 18'05"
4. Set Sail For The The Sun [for Karlheinz Stockhausen] 16'20"

Recorded: 4 February 2008 at Tachyon Studio, Leicester.
Remix and edit: 24 August 2008 by Alan, using Sound Forge.
Cover design: Alan Freeman. Photography: Jim Tetlow.

Alan Freeman: guitar, synthesizers, Granulab, Spektral Delay, springboard.
Steve Freeman: loops, prepared tapes, bass, guitar, synthesizers.
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, Sound Canvas, gadgets.

A few of you out there have expressed some dismay at the lack of new Endgame releases over the past year, which is largely down to Jim being away and that a good few projects are ready, if not fully finished! There was once an attempt to try and issue everything in a sort of chronology, but that idea went out of the window when we issued the "Plasm" series, and then there were the two DVD releases with music culled from 2007 sessions. So, why not issue the very latest Endgame session, from February this year, as both a stop gap and an insight to where Endgame are now!

"Memento" (a suite in 4 movements) - so much a live electroacoustic performance, more than the usual (?) Endgame, it was easy to conceptualise this, especially so as the four improvisations recorded that day were all quite different, but all had a common air of mystery, style, and a surreal nature. Also, the music ran on the edge of "kosmische" towards the avant-garde, and with that mindset I came up with the album at hand. The titles and the dedications came to me upon mixing and editing these works, each of which is a suggestion, more than an actual homage. In this respect (nicking the idea from Laibach really) I came up with the apt mock Deutsche Grammophon cover!

"...one of the most accomplished Endgame releases to date!" - Peter Smith