Endgame: Live DVD official bootleg (AMDVD OB1) DVD

Live DVD official bootleg, cover photography by Kev Sonic and Mike Chaston, layout by Alan Freeman5.00 + P&P

1. 22 July 2000 debut gig at the Physio & Firkin 24'13"

Sound-check and set "The Weird One"
Support to Shapeshifter
In memory of Mike Chaston
Filmed by Mike on a mini-VHS camera
Original quality:- very grainy/fuzzy
DVD has tape drop-out repaired, with the colour boosted & increased contrast
Sound: binaural stereo, audience

2. 7 July 2001 live at The Victory collage 15'26"

Extracts from three sets (7:00-11:00pm)
Filmed by Steve Bell and others on a D8 video camera
Original quality:- daylight: quite good, night: grainy/fuzzy
DVD is a radically mixed/segued collage, enhanced slightly
Sound: mono, audience

3. 27 September 2008 at The Musician 36'37"

Endgame with special guest Dave Powell (flute, stylophone)
Complete set from the EQ Festival, organised by Maureen Anderson
Filmed (and photos) by Kev Sonic on a digital photo camera
DVD is a collage of visuals and effects, to make it more interesting!
Sound: stereo cassette recording from the mixing desk

Total = 76'16"

Alan Freeman: synthesizers, guitar, gadgets, etc.
Steve Freeman: cymbal, bass, cassette 4-track, etc.
Jim Tetlow: guitar, digital electronics, computer, etc.

THis DVD is compiled from non-professional audience footage made with old
and/or low-budget equipment. The quality is therefore very variable, sometimes
quite grotty in fact, and never up to the quality you would normally expect from a
commercially available DVD release! This was largely compiled for our own
reference, and not a proper release. Where sold, pay no more than 5.00!