Endgame: Gravity Well (Auricle AMCDR 139) CDR

Gravity Well, cover by Jim Tetlow7.00 +P&P

1. Magnetic Fields In Mercurial Rain 7'48"
2. Plight Of Blight 6'47"
3. Walking On The Clouds 3'46"
4. We Awake The Demons Inside Us, And Then Look On 12'49"
5. Oblivion 12'54"
6. Manifesting The Blown Mind 16'10"
7. Imploding From The Inside 16'11

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio
2,4,6 from session CXLII aka 142 (01/10/03)
1,3,5,7 from session CXLIII aka 143 (29/10/03)
Mix and compilation 2-5/11/2008.

Alan: synths, guitar, gadgets, voice, etc.
Steve: loops, bass, synth, cymbal, radio, turntable, etc.
Jim: sound canvas, guitar, effects.

A cosmic but powerful excursion culled from two sessions in 2003, mixed to 2 track by Jim in 2005 and then recompiled, mixed and conceptualised by Alan in 2008. It's an enigmatic one with contrasting elements: cosmic and avant-garde, with a recurring thematic focus, jolting/jarring patterns (is that the ghost of John Cage walking around in a piano?), lots of oozing flows and a good few powerful crescendos. Be an aural witness to the wonders of time compression, dilation and inversion, as your senses get sucked into the gravity well!