Endgame: Under Construction (Auricle AMCDR ?) CDR

Jim's proposed cover artin preparation!

1. Concrete A 0'48"
2. Tools And Weapons, Part 2 3'40"
3. Concrete B 0'33"
4. Double Your Task, We Get Out 11'24"
5. Concrete C 0'34"
6. Tools And Weapons, Part 1 5'19"
7. Concrete D 2'26"
8. Slipped Disc 9'44"
9. Hard Not To Do 8'42"
10. Abrupt Stasis 1'48"
11. Heavy Invincible Sandwich 21'50"

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio 12/11/06.
Mix and compilation 13/11/2006.

Due to the backlog of Endgame archives this release may not see the
light of day for a long time yet, however it is available for licence to anyone
wanting to release a more current example of Endgame!

Alan: synths, guitar, loops, laptop samples, voice, etc.
Steve: loops, bass, synth, cymbal, radio, turntable, etc.
Jim: laptop samples and effects.

A pretty bizarre one, even by Endgame standards, with a hell of a lot of sound manipulation and live musique-concrete, hence the apt title Under Construction!