Endgame: Somnambulist (Auricle AMCDR 147) CDR

Somnambulist, cover by Jim Tetlowdue soon!

1. FROM 8'27"
2. Very Strange Flight 5'15"
3. THE 3'22"
4. That's One Mistake Too Many 5'46"
5. OUTSIDE 1'26"
6. The Way It Comes Together 4'09"
7. LOOKING 1'48"
8. Termite Choir 4'52"
9. Ether Way 5'02"
10. IN 3'25"
11. Awaken 5'57"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester
on Jim's 4-track Portastudio 31 March 2004.
4 to 2 track mix by Jim Tetlow 25-26 April 2005.
Digital transfer, remix and collage by Alan Freeman 16 February 2009.

Alan: guitar, digital synths, metal/wood objects, PZM microphone.
Steve: tapes, loops, bass, analogue synths, cymbal.
Jim: digital electronics, voice.

Endgame CLI, original session...
A... FROM THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN 46'36" tracks 1/3/5/7/10
B... ARE YOU ASLEEP? 46'30" tracks 2/4/6/9/8/11

Unlike any other Endgame really, this very dark, with big and shuddering sonics, some strange electronics and lots of big reverb crashes. Culled from two big pieces and then arranged to give it a kind of thematic whole, cherry picking the choice sections resulted in a wide range of different morsels, and many many surprises!