Endgame: Phoenix (Auricle AMCDR ?) CDR

Phoenix, cover by Jim Tetlowin preparation!

1. A Long Awaited Reawakening 27'12"
2. Heliopolis 0'39"
Born Out Of Fire 20'37"
Ashes 0'22"
Rebirth 12'37"

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio 6/6/2007.
Mix and compilation 1/7/2007.

Due to the backlog of Endgame archives this release may not see the
light of day for a long time yet, however it is available for licence to anyone
wanting to release a more current example of Endgame!

Alan Freeman: guitar, Roland guitar-synth, Moog Rogue & Roland SH32 synthesizers, sping-board, voice.
Steve Freeman: tapes, loops, sounds, guitar, bass, Korg, Yamaha & octave Cat synthesizers, acoustic CD.
Jim Tetlow: Laptop PC running Spektral Delay & Sound Forge, guitar, voice, etc.

Endgame go on in leaps and bounds to realms that even we have never heard before!