Endgame: Tactile (Auricle AMCDR 1??) CDR


Remixes from the "A Mind Unfolding" session

1. A Mind Unfolding 17'03"
2. Disembodied Watcher 10'06"
3. What Can You See? 15'11"
4. No U Turn 14'43"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio, 22 July 2007.
Remix and edit: 24 August 2008.

Alan Freeman: guitar, synthesizers, Granulab, Spektral Delay, springboard.
Steve Freeman: loops, prepared tapes, bass, guitar, synthesizers, etc.
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, guitar, voice, gadgets.

A case of unwitting serendipity, I remixed this session around 10 months on from making the "A Mind Unfolding" DVD release, not realising that it was the very same session. I should have known, but I had the date down wrong and had done so much other work in between. I was sure we had another session from July 2007, but we didn't.
The resultant mix-down is quite different to that on the DVD, that is sprawling and pretty much faithful to what was performed, whereas this is tweaked and layered, condensed and with extra dynamics, re-composed almost.
Only a short 3 minute section of "No U Turn" featured on the DVD, as backing to the "Endgame Home Movie" - here it is as a sizeable unheard bonus!