Endgame: Beyond The Rim (Auricle AMCDR 1??) 2CDR


CD 1...
It Feels Like I Have Wires In My Head 14'12"
2. She's Been Feeding That Thing Between The Walls Again 28'18"
3. This Time He Threw His Own Lifeline 15'20"

By This Time Tomorrow He'll Already Be Gone 26'09"
2. Time Takes Form - It's Never The Same 38'00"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio, 8 December 2008.
Original recordings, slightly repaired & minor mixing 18 January 2009.

Alan Freeman: guitar (CD2, track 2 only), Roland SH32 syntheizer, springboard.
Steve Freeman: loops, prepared tapes, bowed DVD.
Jim Tetlow: laptop computer running Spektral Delay & other software.

In preparation for our first ever gig outside of Leicester, we did a kind of rehearsal using the minimum of equipment we could still get a decent sound out of. The final piece here "Time Takes Form - It's Never The Same" was actually the first recorded, and during that I decided that I wasn't going to take the guitar on the train, as I could easily get the deep shuddering resonances I needed by using my much more portable home-made springboard (with 12 inch plastic rule attached!). Remarkably the session (hardly edited) stood up well as it was, and only needed a little reshuffling. Elements from the December "Horselength" London gig and the Pavillion gig here in Leicester can be heard here, in a more controlled setting. The gigs will be available as a DVD once Jim has got down to compiling them, adding lots of snazzy effects and such-like!