Endgame: Endoplasm (AMEGD4) CDR

The Tempting Lure Of Danger (introduction) 3'02"
from Endgame session XXXIII (05/04/00)
Eruption "Noitpure" 5'58"
from Endgame session VII (15/09/99) as Eruption, with Nick Mott (violin)
Ensnared By The Sirens 6'04"
from Endgame session XXXIII (05/04/00)
Between Mantra & 3 Cultures 4'55"
from Endgame at The Victory (16/09/01) Endgame + Carl Peberdy (vocals), Mick Oxtoby (violin)
An Alarming Discovery 17'47"
from Endgame session XXXVI (26/04/00)
After Falling "Over The Edge" 3'49"
from Endgame at The Victory (8/06/02) Extremities = Endgame + Dave Powell (hurdy-gurdy)
Deactivating System 4'12"
from Endgame session IL (02/08/00)
Aliens In The Mist 16'00"
from Endgame session XLII (14/06/00)
Danger Of The Tempting Lure 11'33"
from Endgame session XXXIII (05/04/00)

Compiled & edited by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (26 May 2003).

Incidentally: Endoplasm is a scientific term referring to the complex elements within a cell, hence a good title for a disc of collaborations and choice unreleased oddments.