Endgame: Nucleoplasm (AMEGD6) CDR

Invocation Of The Cruel Master 25'52"
All Kinds Of Things We Can See 6'26"
When One Hand Laughs... 8'23"
The Doubling Rite (Part 1) 22'34"
Close To The Edge 8'26"

Digital recording at Tachyon Studio (tracks 2,3,4: 28 May 2003, with extra
recordings on tracks 2+4: 4 June 2003) and live to cassette at The International
Arts Centre, Garden Street, Leicester (30 May 2003).
Mixed by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (1+8+12 June 2003).

Nucleoplasm info...

The rehearsal and live recordings featured a special reduced instrumentation version of Endgame: Alan (synth, effects, mixer), Steve (sounds, turntable, loops), Jim (bowed guitar), whereas the overdub session featured: Alan (guitar, guitar synth), Steve (sounds, turntable, loops, synth), Jim (tabla, djembe).

Incidentally: Nucleoplasm is the protoplasm at the nucleus of a cell.