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Shapeshifter support (02/06/01)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: "Twilight Terminal"
set 2: "Polymorphing" Endgame + Maureen Anderson (not recorded)

Endgame - gig 1 (07/07/01)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: Jim Tetlow (solo), Alan Freeman (solo), Alto Stratus, Steve Freeman (solo)
set 2: "We Are The ENDGAME"
set 3: "Ghosts In The Mechanism" and "The Sound Of One Eye Laughing"
set 4: "Blitzoid"
unplanned encore

Attended by a very enthusiastic crowd, it was a hot and sticky night, full of invention. Deliberately unrehearsed, spontaneous music for our first full gig. We scorched our ears and brains with the encore!

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Shapeshifter support (10/08/01)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: Endgame + Maureen Anderson & Dave Johnson (not recorded)

A true Polymorph experience, and a great set that freaked-out almost Gong-like towards the end. But, with Shapeshifter turning up late, then someone turned the power off and I had to reset everything, I got flustered and forgot to record it.

Endgame - gig 2 (16/09/01)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: Alan solo, Endgame + guests (inc. "Mantra" and "3 Cultures")
set 2: Steve solo, Endgame + guests (inc. "Aquarian")
set 3: Endgame "Irrigation", inc. Jim Tetlow solo
set 4: encore: "Hexagram", Endgame + guests.

+ Carl Peberdy: vocals, sitar, Mick Oxtoby: violin, guitar (sets 1, 2, 4)
+ surprise guest: Howard (from Nottingham) on clarinet (set 4)

A mixed success, but something I'd always wanted to do since the big jam days with Shapeshifter, do it totally free-form, allow people to go up on stage and leave as they please. It gave Carl the freedom to really express himself. Yet Mick's violin didn't record so well. Again, the musical bounds of Endgame were extended, from Frippertronics, via cross-culture world-music, raga-rock (like a mad churning Amon Düül, to quote one audience member) onto more usual Endgame fare (if there is any such thing). We also had a surprise guest on clarinet (from Nottingham) at one point. Our longest gig, well over 3 hours, it did get a bit rambly and noodly in parts, thus why the CD release is quite selective.

Endgame - gig 3 (18/11/01)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

Set 1: 3 Endgame solos: Jim, Alan, Steve, plus: Alto Stratus (Alan & Steve)
Set 2: "Voice Of The Master" (master tape incomplete)
Set 3: "The Farmyard Sits In The Goyfuls" (master tape incomplete)

A great gig, even if only 2 of the 50 or so that said they were definitely coming turned up. So, thanks to the other 17 that all had their first taster of Endgame live, and those that stayed braving the cold. We were on a roll, and the invention frothed over and over, getting totally carried away with set 3, adding up to a 3 hour marathon.