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Endgame - gig 4 (27/03/02)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

Set 1: "Full Moon At Nine", 44'00" approx.
Set 2: inc. "Digestive Tract", "Brain Stem" and "Frequencies", total 38'00".
Set 3: encore "Snake Steal A Rash", 20'00" approx.

Good job that an enthusiastic small audience is all that's needed to have a great time, and we wigged it out for 2 hours of sizzling weaving music, all unique and new!

Endgame - gig 5 (21/04/02)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: Steve Freeman (solo), Alto Stratus, Jim Tetlow (solo), Alan Freeman (solo)
set 2: Endgame + Dave Powell "I'm Not Messing With That"
set 3: "Stop Playing Around, And Get On With It!" 35'30" approx.
set 4: Endgame + Dave Powell encore (not recorded)

+ Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy (sets 2, 4).

Endgame and a hurdy-gurdy? A really strange experience indeed! This time we had all new solo sets by all 3 Endgamers & an Alto Stratus "PsYcHoSiS" excursion, followed by 3 sets of Endgame (2 with Dave).

Endgame - gig 6 (08/06/02)
at The Victory, Aylestone Road, Leicester.

set 1: "Help, I'm Being Repressed!" 36'00" approx.
set 2: inc. "Gestation of the Organism" and "Evacuation" total 46'00".
set 3: Endgame + Dave Powell "Over The Edge" 41'00" approx.

+ Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy (set 3).

Our last at The Victory, it seems (as the landlord has changed). So, as we were having to pay for the room, and we didn't need to play it safe, it seems we all put on our weird hats and decided to really trip on the edge of dementia. Bizarre it was.