Live @ Bambu (Auricle AMCDR 115/6) 2CDR

12.00 +P&P

disc 1...

1. Chris Conway - Theremin 5'21"
2. Alan & Chris 5'51"
3. Simon & Steve 5'35"
4. Chris & Simon 5'22"
5. Alan & Simon 5'55"
6. Chris & Steve 5'42"
7. Alan, Chris, Simon, Steve - A Stronger Snake 6'47"
8. Endgame - Acoustic CD Trio 3'33"
9. Simon Styring - Infinite Guitar 13'28"
10. Jim, Julian, Simon, Alan, Steve - The Agony And The Ecstasy 16'30"

disc 2...

1. Alan, Simon, Steve, Jim, Julian - Trip 79'55"

Recordings culled from impromptu solos, duos and jams made during two unique "Improv Electronic" nights at Bambu, Leicester, 18 April & 18 July 2007.

Collated and mixed by Alan Freeman, July/September 2007.

In order of appearance...
Chris Conway: Theremin, synthesizers.
Alan Freeman: spring-board, acoustic CD, bells, guitar, guitar-synth.
Simon Styring: guitar, guitar-synth.
Steve Freeman: prepared sounds, loops, acoustic CD.
Jim Tetlow: computer, acoustic CD, djembe.
special guest: Julian Broadhurst: djembe.

A nice laid-back comfortable venue, and the ideal place for improv., at least for a while anyway. This is the final, fourth release documenting 2007 concerts at the Bambu bar. Culled from two hybrid concerts of solos, duos, and jams involving 4 or 5 musicians, it amounts to a uniquely wide-ranging mixture of styles, from the chaotic to the majestic, and on to thundering mantric space-rock even. The near-on 80 minute opus filling disc 2 actually encompassed some 95 minutes in the concert (the join is overlapped with a gradual fade, meaning you get most of the opus intact) and should appeal to those that loved the Scanner Game recordings.

Three other "Live @ Bambu" pieces from the 18 April event can be found on the recent Alto Stratus release. Also in the series are discs by Triax and Endgame.

The "Impromptu Electronic" concept has also given birth to the hybrid quartet now known as Escape Route, and the idea of such events now continues with Quadelectronic.