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Not Too Late (Cosmic Egg UTCE 001) CD

Out Of Focus - Not Too Late11.00 + p&p

1. THAT'S VERY EASY (Moran Neumüller) 9'04"
2. X (
Remigius Drechsler) 10'57"
Moran Neumüller) 3'36"
4. Y (
Remigius Drechsler) 7'51"
Moran Neumüller) 9'11"

Produced by Ultimate Transmissions.
Recorded by Remigius Drechsler at Herrsching Am Ammersee (Spring 1974).

Moran Neumüller: vocals, tenor/soprano saxes, flute.
Remigius Drechsler: guitars, choir.
Klaus Spöri: drums.
Stephan Wischeu: bass.
Wolfgang Göhringer: guitars, choir.
Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus: baritone/alto saxes.

Note: also released on LP by Nexus Records.

Kontrast Volume I & II (Cosmic Egg UTCE 003) CD

11.00 + p&p

Volume I
1. Suite For The Young Girl (Drechsler, Moran, Smyth) 25:24
2. Trip (Drechsler) 11:56
3. Opus Dope Us (Drechsler) 7:58
4. Let's Fetz (Drechsler) 2:37

Volume II
5. Little Solitude (Drechsler) 0:40
6. Hip Me (Drechsler, Bäck) 2:19
7. Order (Drechsler, Smyth) 8:07
8. Good Wax Home (Drechsler) 7:08
9. Race To Heaven (Drechsler, Smyth) 10:55

Recorded from 1983-85 and mastered 1986, 2004-7by Remigius Drechsler.

Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus: alto saxophone (1,3,4,7-9), electric piano (3,4,7-9),
maracas, cow bell (8)
Marika Schmid-Falk: vocals (3,8), percussion, vibraphone (3), gan gan (7), cuica (8)
Remigius Drechsler: acoustic bass (1-4,6-9), darbouka (1-4,6,9), guitar (2,6), marimba, vibraphone, recorder (2), percussion (1,2,6,8,9), psaltery, horn (9),
whistling, water (with Elise) (5)
Richard Netusil: special guitar (1,4,9), hand drum (1,3,4), log drums (6)
Christian Bäck: soprano saxophone (3,4,9), alto saxophone, vocal (6)
Paul Smyth: words (1,7,9)
Moran: flute (1,4,7,8), vocal (1,8), signal horn (6), cymbals (8)

Reissue of ex Out Of Focus LP project, plus 29'21" unreleased bonus material.

A review, based on texts from "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" CD-Rom...

A rarity of 1980's Krautrock, Kontrast saw ex-Out Of Focus members: Remigius Drechsler, Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus and Moran Neumüller, working together again after having been apart for several years. Out Of Focus main-man Remigius Drechsler had been with Embryo on and off for a couple of years prior to this, and actually Kontrast was his project and not a proper band as such. In fact, one track is Remigius entirely solo, with the aid of some nifty multi-tracking! Most of the album, however, is pretty much live rockin' fusion stepping on from the second disc of Out Of Focus' FOUR LETTER MONDAY AFTERNOON, as a refined and complex fusion, deep groove music that rattles along magnificently, characteristic of the Munich scene, with the edge on solo upon solo, experimentation and weirdness.

Though little-known, Kontrast deserve their growing reputation as one of the finest examples of 1980's Krautrock alongside Embryo's ZACK GLUCK. When word spread around that we were down to the last few copies of the LP a year or so back, the price of an original spiralled, and 50 is a conservative bet as to what it's worth today!

But, who wants the LP when you can have this? With half an hour's extra material, all up to the same quality, and with many surprises, not least in that Remi has sewn the whole thing together with revised themes, making it all work as if In all, it's a 77 minute conceptual opus. What's more, Remi has done an extraordinary mastering job. In all, it's must-have for fans of Krautrock fusion, experimental jazz-rock-world musics, or whatever you call it! Also, it's a 500 copy first edition, with a 16 page booklet and snazzy disc!

Also, on Kuckuck: Wake Up, Out Of Focus, Four Letter Monday Afternoon, and on Garden Of Delights: Rat Roads (rarities anthology)Moran, Ingo, Klaus, Wolfgang, Stephan, Remigius

A cracking way to launch the Cosmic Egg label! This is the unreleased 4th album (also available as a limited LP pressing in Germany) by this classic Munich Krautrock band, continuing in style from LP 1 of their "Four Letter Monday Afternoon" double. The focus is a little different, having dual guitars, and heavier, but with bigger instrumental breaks, lots of flute, etc. Also, with copious Embryo and Soft Machine edges blending with the unique Out Of Focus sound. It's a must have, especially for those that love the jazzier end of the Krautrock field. Another archive/sessions CD is in the planning stages.

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