Triax - Creatures (Auricle AMCDR 126/7) 2CDR

12.00 + p&p


1. Those That Have Served Us 12'14"
Infinite Oddities From Ravaged Genes 12'11"
Toward The Rip 4'05"
Cabaret Of Dwarves And Freaks 15'18"
Glass Man 2'27"
The Unseen Predator 8'30"
Fettered Arbitrary Mentor 17'39"
Parasites Living On Malformed Hosts 6'08"


1. Spring Loaded Organ Donor 10'07"
The Crypt 11'30"
A Sensual Orgiastic Vice 17'16"
Migrating Protozoa 10'06"
Passive Receptors 16'08"
A Grotesque Panorama 10'34"
Healthy As A Wuzzle 2'03"

Recorded direct to digital 21 October & 30 December 2007 at Tachyon Studio.
Mixed 6-8 January 2008 by Alan.

October session
Alan Freeman:
guitar, guitar-synth, rhythms, synths [Korg MS20, Roland SH32], percussion [springs, bells, chimes, shakers, marbles, tin], whistle, etc.
Steve Freeman: guitar, bass, loops, tapes, synths [Yamaha CS5, Octave Cat, Moog Rogue], acoustic CD, cymbal, chains, etc.
Dave Powell: flute, cello, hurdy-gurdy, glockenspiel, percussive toys, etc.

December session
add computer samples, voice [no percussion].
Steve: add turntable.
Dave: add Stylophone, violin [no cello, glockenspiel].

Two deliberately very different sessions to each other, trying out different new combinations of instruments. The laptop I'd been using for weirdly manipulated samples had developed a fault, and thus it wasn't used at all in the October session, instead I made use of some rhythm programming I'd sussed out on the guitar synth. I'd also got a cold and wasn't so focused, which meant Steve and Dave more space to lay on the fudge big time. Naturally that meant some overlong pieces that needed judicious pruning. For the December session I'd got the laptop working again, with some wicked rythmic and instrumental samples, and Dave brought along a new toy - a Stylophone! This meant a rip-roaring intense session was inevitable!

The resultant 2CD is a hefty, powerful and very long outing that goes many places that we've never been before. Prepare to have your socks blown off!

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