Born out of the Extremities project, in a sense, this new sideline couples Alto Stratus with the strangely processed hurdy-gurdy of Dave Powell, for a unique new hybrid. Actually, the result of "Musik Zu Arcana" is 9 new hybrids, each track a different avenue of exploration, 95% spontaneously created and/or improvised. "Musik Zu Arcana" could be interpreted as "Music To Weirdo's" or "Music To The Strange" and is apt for such an unlikely concoction of instruments, as "what is noise to some may be music to weirdo's" - not that any of this is noise - it's all musical, though with many shock tactics, dense sonics and intense moments thrown in. The results are a powerful album that defies classification, kinda 1 part Alto Stratus, 1 part a bit Nurse With Wound, 1 part medieval folk. 3 musicians, 3 genres mixing and colliding, making 9 tracks to perplex and delight the adventurous music explorer.

Triax have now blossomed with a dozen more releases, including three doubles, and a gradually changing/growing instrumentation! The world of Triax is exciting, innovative, inhabiting many different musical genres yet fitting in none. Fancy something different?

Triax works - complete session details, for those interested!