Triax - Cause & Effect (Auricle AMDVD 001) DVDR

Triax - Cause9.00 +p&p

1. INTRO 0'33"
2. SESSION #1 14'13"
3. SESSION #2 14'55"
4. SESSION #3 15'37"
5. SESSION #4 14'47"
6. SESSION #5 16'24"
7. SESSION #6 11'59"

All material created spontaneously by Triax.
Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields Leicester, 2 January 2007.
Synchronization, mix and programming by Alan Freeman, 14-19 January 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar, guitar-synth, keyboards, samples, laptop computer, violin, percussion, spring-board, acoustic CD, voice.
Steve Freeman: bass, tapes, loops, turntable, prepared sounds, analogue synths, acoustic CD, cymbal, voice.
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, cello, flute, etc.

New edition now available on DVD. A few copies of the VCD video disc are still available at 7.00 +P&P. Note that a VCD will not play on a CD player, you should use a VCD compatible DVD machine or computer.

When working out how to convert computer video files from one format to another I accidentally came across a much improved new Windows Movie Maker program on the shop PC, complete with many snazzy new editing tools. Having also recently discovered that the little 70 digital camera I'd bought could also be used as a live feed to the computer, and that the laptop PC could write Video CD's playable on a regular DVD machine, I decided to experiment by simultaneously recording the session both on the digital recorder and as video on the studio PC. As one thing leads to another, 9 months on, we have a new baby: a revised DVD issue, compatible with all DVD players!

The resultant video disc may not be the best quality visually, nor the most interesting thing to watch, but with the digital mix re-synchronised to the visuals the results are definitely a viable 'warts and all' private concert you can enjoy in your own living room. After all, the Tachyon studio is way too small to invite an audience! Sessions #1 & #4 are focused largely on Dave, #2 & #5 on Dave, #3 & #6 on Steve. The animated intro is accompanied by a unique short remix from "Dangerous Playground", and the snazzy discography is accompanied by a unique remix from session extracts. Also, the sessions are messed around with a little visually, to make the experience a little more interesting! n.b. The CD release below is remixed/edited and quite different!

Also available: Cause & Effect CD audio

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