Maureen Anderson's Shapeshifter

"Unwrapping The Familiar"

"..eccentric psychedelic music ...
very Gong-like ... mystical esoteric ...
a music that often bridges Lady June
and the Third Ear Band.."

Leicester's eccentric poet (South African born) Maureen is an eclectic purveyor of poignant verse, in the tradition (but not intentionally derivative) of Gilli Smyth, Lady June, Brigitte Fontaine, Nico, et al. She also plays flute, and is backed by the band Shapeshifter sporting echo guitars, bass, organ, piano, sitar, tabla, all sorts of esoteric percussion and ethnic instruments, along with classic analogue Moog and Korg synthesizers (from yours-truly Alan Freeman of Ultima Thule taking on a Tim Blake role) directing the music to Gong realms, where psychedelia meets progressive and space music. There are vibrant rock numbers, cosmic poems, ethereal half-sung ballads, and also included is a radical adaptation of The Doors' epic poem "Celebration of the Lizard" treated in the manner of Nico's "The End" - musically transformed to another planet! Spooky ethnic numbers intersperse to create the feeling of a grand conceptual whole, ending with "Alien" where we accompany Maureen with her tongue-in-cheek "X-Files" story, meeting the "Alien with tentacles and a green and yellow face".