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Last Train

I didn't get what I wanted

Because I didn't know what I wanted

You chose me, never once did I complain

But I was selfish so I'll take all the blame

At least we had this for a little while

Just enough to cause this future smile

It's not right just because I thought it

It's my version of the truth distorted

Stepped on that train, no time to say goodbye

Completely insane, watched a part of me die

What did I miss? Only everything that led to this

I didn't know and I still don't know

I know I left something behind

It’s still there, does she know it's mine?

Just another instance of my apathy

Still I don't know where I'd rather be

I didn't write it all down

Empty windows on the edge of town

My innocence with her ideas

Means the broken heart is still in here