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No Strings Attached

All my dreams and sins walked through the door

She was corruption more or less

I forgot every promise I ever made

No preachers here so I can’t confess

The dance floor called our names

The beat and the smooth slow bass

The key changed and our eyes locked

Then I saw the look on her face

A relationship wasn’t on the cards decisions like this are never that hard

No strings attached, this show is for one night only

No strings attached, not a puppet and never lonely

Passions tonight detached, no strings attached

All the 45’s I've ever played racing through my head tonight

Try to make a connection each one sounds so right

Even though she knew the words she tries rewrites at every turn

Thought she’d seen it all but she

Still got a lot to learn

Relationships are a thing of the past

I don't want something that’s built to last