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Ooooh we're rock and roll, nobody tells us where to go
And we're not in it for the money, We just want the art to flow

So we're signed up for hits on 45s, We got in way too deep so we faked our own lives
Now we can only get into it when we're out of it

And now we're famous, Our faces are ubiqitous
We're even in your breakfast cereal, Life has never been so surreal

We're singing on the company label so we appear in the company film
And we all agreed how great that movie is when we appeared on the company cable show
The company guys in the company magazine they gave us all a great review
And the radio show that the company owns that you listened to on your company wireless
As you wandered the company mall to buy more company goods that the company
Require you desire so the company can expand to meet the demands of the expanding company

Johnny doesn't speak no more, Eddie's wasted on the floor
Jimmy's got a brand new bag, To keep his juices in
Mikie's got three holes in his nose, Steve is a biscuit tin

The Greatest never want to hear again
Quickly followed the slide out of the top 10
The Producers couldn't save us, All the fans waved to us

I've done Celebrity Big Brother, I've 'starred' as A.N. Other
I've done carpet ads and pantomime, Sold all my guitars at the five and dime
Where did it all go wrong?

Eddie's out of rehab, Johnny's found the gift of the gab
Mikie's had a nose job, Jimmy's got a hob knob
Stevie s one too

Now we're older and wiser and talentless and SKINT
We could get back together and have another stint
We could sell out in all respects, Pack those houses every night
To the morons who years ago, Never realised we weren’t very good