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Meetings and Activities 2017

Minutes and Notes
January 2017.
On January 9th at the Yr Hen Ysgol we held a business meeting which was well attended. Our President wished everyone a Happy New Year and thanked the retiring officers for their work as Chairman and Secretary over the past years she also wished the new team well for the coming year. Our President also thanked all those who contributed to the success of the Society, and especially our Treasurer who has done many years of service.
It was time to look at the recent events and look forward to another year. Some expressed that they enjoyed very much the Christmas Party at Llwyngwair Manor in December, and the great atmosphere there.
Our new Chair also echoed the president’s greetings and then proceeded with a business meeting, a short report on correspondence received during 2016 was read out, one of these was from Australia, from a man who has traced his lineage to the Watkins family who kept the Serjeants Inn in the1800’s, he plans to visit the area in the summer.
We also discussed the projects we have already begun and projects we may look at in the future.
The meeting came to an end with a cup of tea and some time to socialize.
Date of our next meeting - February 13 at Yr Hen Ysgol, our guest speaker will be Mrs. Jackie Llwyd Edwards,title of her talk - ‘The Family in the Cardigan area’.

February 2017.
A well attended meeting was held at Yr Hen Ysgol on February 13th.
Our Chairman introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Mrs. Jackie Llwyd Edwards, who spoke about her family in the Cardigan area. Jackie spoke in a relaxed manner about how her parents met. Her father was a soldier at the time, and he had spent time in Burma. She described how her parents settled in the Cardigan area and the homes in which they had lived, she spoke also of the community spirit they enjoyed back then, she went on to describe her happy childhood and told some stories about what they did as children, although she had a lot of pictures and maps displayed, she spoke casually without the use of notes. Later when she talked about the shops and businesses of Cardigan at the time of her youth, many in the audience spoke of their memories of Cardigan, it all contributed to a very enjoyable evening.
Following a cup of tea during which Jackie was busy talking to members, we held a business meeting with Enid Cole in the chair.
Agenda items which drew most discussion was our annual trip and correspondence received. This will be further discussed at our meeting on March 13th, as well as a presentation of photographs and documents received recently.

March 2017.
A meeting was held at Yr Hen Ysgol on March 13th, with Enid Cole in the chair. Before the meeting started Enid our Chairman on behalf of the Society extended our condolences to Ieuan Davies on the death of his father and to Ken Rees on the death of his sister.
The main topic was the decision of the Society and others to have a memorial for Myfyr Emlyn at ‘Rhos Glynmaen, near the place where the famous preacher was born. It was decided to meet the following Wednesday (March 15th) at Rhos Glynmaen to choose a suitable site.
Our Trip will be on May 20th – Schedule decided as follows - Eglwyswrw - (10: 30am), Burnetts Hill Chapel (11:30) for a lecture or presentation by a local historian and then enjoy refreshments provided by Roberta at about (12:15 to 12:30). Then from there to the "Garden Pit" disaster Memorial at Landshipping, led by Mark Cole (2pm). From there we will visit the K.P.Thomas museum (3pm), and on our return journey, have a meal in Nantyffin, Motel, Llandissilio at about 6pm.
Date of our next meeting - Monday, April 10, 2017 at Yr Hen Ysgol.
Our guest speaker will be Mr. Conway Davies - Title - ‘Life in the 19th Century Workhouse’.
Wednesday, March 15th at Rhos Glynmaen. We looked at three sites and unanimously agreed that the best location was near the road, at the end of Tynewydd lane - Grid OS = SN14681 35202.

April 2017.
At our meeting held on Monday April 10th we were disappointed that Mr Conway Davies, our speaker for the evening could not be with us due to the illness of a family member.
Our trip on May 20th was discussed, Enid explained that the registration as a group that use the Preseli school (council) bus would have to be confirmed before we can hire the bus for our Trip, she also explained that due to work being carried out at the K.P.Thomas museum it would be closed to the public on May 20th, and therefore unavailable to us. She outlined other possible venues of interest, Vineyard at Martletwy; Upton Castle & Gardens, Cosheston / Carew Castle and Tidal Mill / Narberth - Myfyr Emlyn Memorial - Narberth Museum. It was decided to visit Narberth. Enid stated that Roberta would provide refreshments after we had visited Burnetts Hill Chapel for a talk by Robert Scourfield or Glen Johnson, we will then travel a short distance to Garden Pit (disaster) Memorial, Landshipping, guided by Mark Cole. We should be in Narberth soon after 3pm. A meal on the way home at Nantyffin Motel, Llandissilio is planned, which Brenda had contacted. Brenda read the menu that is available; which was well received by members.
Myfyr Emlyn Memorial project. Enid updated members on what had been decided as result of the site meeting that was attend by 10 of our members and others on March 15th - Site of the proposed memorial had been chosen and a suitable stone had been found.
Members were asked to think of speakers for the 2018 programme. Names will be for consideration at future meetings.
Following the business meeting, a 1960’s film was shown courtesy of John Evans.

May, 2017.
Before our May meeting started our Chairman on behalf of the Society offered our condolences to Delyth Davies on the death of her father.
Our trip on May 20 was discussed. Our Chairman had hired the minibus for our trip and we will visit places near Martletwy and Narberth.
Myfyr Emlyn Memorial project was in the forefront of our discussions and also our book that we hope to produce.
There was no film shown this month (May), but in the future, there will be a film or other exhibits following our meetings when there is no guest speaker.
On Friday, May 19, Arnold Rogers from Melbourne, Australia visited us, he wanted to see the 'Serjeants Inn’ for it was his ancestors that kept the Inn more than a hundred years ago, and to see the family graves in the Church cemetery. He enjoyed meeting members of our Society at Caffi Celt (Carnhuan) and very much appreciated the welcome he received by Sarah Jane Absolom and her family, the current owners of the Serjeants Inn by now a private house.
Arnold Rogers also joined us on our annual Trip the following day. This year we went first to a Burnetts Hill chapel and listened to a talk by Robert Scourfield, a local historian. Before leaving the chapel we sang two hymns with Brenda James at the organ.
We then enjoyed tea, sandwiches and cakes kindly provided by Roberta and family that was much appreciated by our members. Then on to Landshipping guided by Mark Cole, to see the memorial to the 40 people who died on February 14, 1844 when the sea broke into the Garden Pit coal mine.
On our way home we had a short stay in Narberth where some went to the museum and others browsed the shops etc. Before leaving Narberth most of us visited Bethesda chapel to see the impressive memorial to Myfyr Emlyn and listened to the current minister of Bethesda Chapel, the Rev. Chris Rees describe one of Wales’ most famous Preachers.
On our way home we went to Nantyffin, Llandissilio and enjoyed a lovely meal.
Thanks to everyone who helped make the day an enjoyable experience.

June 2017.
A well attended meeting took place on Monday June 12th . Mr Emyr Phillips was our guest speaker and the title of his lecture was ‘History of Cilgerran Quarries’. He was welcomed by our Chairman Enid Cole, and Beatrice Davies then thanked Emyr for driving the bus on our annual trip in May, she also thanked Brenda; Enid and Mark for their work.
Emyr gave a detailed description of the quarries and the people who were involved with the quarries, how they used the river and the railroad to transport their produce to their customers. He also explained the way the quarries were worked and the names of the numerous quarries in the area. He had pictures of the various types of goods produced by the quarries, some are to be seen today in mansions and other buildings locally.
After, we enjoyed a cup of tea, where members were eager to speak to Emyr about his many interests.
Business meeting was held afterwards. Ieuan James had come specially to discuss the Myfyr Emlyn project. He had a model of the proposed wording in the form of artwork prepared by Elin Owen to show our members which was well received.
The subject of speakers for next year was discussed, some dates have already been filled, and although the summer is not quite with us the Society has decided on how and where to celebrate Christmas.
Date of our next meeting - Monday, July 10 at 7.30pm at Yr Hen Ysgol.

July 2017.
Eglwyswrw and District Heritage Society held a business meeting at Yr Hen Ysgol on Monday July 10th.
Due to various unfortunate circumstances, many of our faithful members were unable to attend; even so, we had a meaningful meeting that covered a variety of subjects from current projects to next year’s programme.
After concluding the business meeting, we watched a slide show of photos taken by Betty Wilson at this years Barley Saturday and that was followed by a cup of tea and some time to socialize.
Next meeting will be at 7.30pm on September 11th at Yr Hen Ysgol.
And our guest speaker will be Mr Edward Perkins.

August 30, 2017.
Neil and Serena Widdicombe from Australia visited Eglwyswrw and were met at Caffi Celt (Carnhuan) by Mark Cole and members of Eglwyswrw Heritage Society, Serena is researching her ancestry, many of whom are from the Eglwyswrw area, After an hour or so enjoying tea and a chat at the cafe where Mark and Serena exchanged family history information, Mark took them on a tour of local churchyards looking at family graves.
Serena posted this on Facebook later.
Today I visited the farm in Eglwyswrw where my gg grandmother Ann Lewis grew up & my great grandmother Ellen Edwards spent a lot of time. Neil & I were met by Mark Cole my 4th cousin & a welcoming party from the Eglwyswrw Heritage Society. We were made to feel very special! Thank you Mark & Will for showing us important family history sites. Much appreciated.

September 2017.
At our meeting on Monday, September 11th at Yr Hen Ysgol our guest speaker was Mr Edward Perkins. Mr Perkins spoke of the interesting history of auctioneer’s work under the title ‘Auctioneer's Tale’. He explained about his work over the years. After a cup of tea and chat, our business meeting was held. The Myfyr Emlyn Memorial was the main issue and there was much discussion and many decisions were made -
A service and unveiling of the Memorial stone will be held on Saturday, October 21st at 1.30pm, at Bethabara Chapel, Pontyglasier. The service will feature the work of Myfyr Emlyn’s poems, hymns and songs. And to end the day’s ceremony, a cup of tea in the Vestry, everybody welcome. It has now been decided to site the Memorial at Bethabara cemetery.
Our researcher Glynwen has had a busy time recently, with many contacting the Society looking for information. We showed our appreciation to Betty Wilson for taking great photos of the Barley Saturday parade 2017 , which we enjoyed seeing in a slide show at our July meeting.
Guest speaker for our meeting on the 9th of October in Yr Hen Ysgol will be Mr Alun Davies, and the title -'Tall Tales'.

October 2017
At our meeting on Monday, October 9th, we received an excellent talk from Mr Alun Davies, entitled "Toll Tales", he told stories of old and presented them in a way that was totally entertaining. He finished his conversation with a more serious story about his great uncle, William Young Davies and the Battle of Loos. One of the pictures he had displayed was ‘The Lone Tree of Loos’ painted by another survivor of that battle, Sergeant Handley-Read, which he gave William to remember their awful experience.
A business meeting was then held which began at 9pm.
We discussed details of the Christmas Dinner to be held on the 11th of December at the Llwyngwair manor, and we also discussed some next year's events such as the date of our Trip etc.
A program for the Appreciation Service and the Myfyr Emlyn Memorial Stone Unveiling Ceremony at Bethabara on October 21st had been completed, but we needed to discuss some finer points.
Glynwen had again been busy, and had prepared many important documents for our Archive, Her work is much appreciated.
Our next meeting will be held at Yr Hen Ysgol on November 13th, AGM first and then a business meeting to follow.

November 2017
The 2017 AGM was well attended.
Chairman’s Report.
Enid recalled our activities over the past twelve months, Christmas Party at Llwyngwair Manor with guest speaker – Mr Conway Davies. There were a further four speakers during the year - speakers were Mrs. Jackie Llwyd Edwards; Mr Emyr Phillips; Mr Edward Perkins and Mr Alun Davies.
Our guest speaker for our April meeting, Conway Davies could not be with us, instead a 1960’s film was shown courtesy of John Evans. We had another interesting evening watching a slide show of photos taken by Betty Wilson at this year’s Barley Saturday. Our Chairman touched on most of the activities previously mentioned.
The conclusion to the Myfyr Emlyn Project. Saturday October 21st 2017.
Our Chairman stated that the service and unveiling of the Myfyr Emlyn Memorial Stone went exceedingly well.
She spoke of the marvellous experience of listening the Robert Jenkins singing one of Myfyr Emlyn's songs. ‘Yr Hen Gerddor’.
Enid thanked all who helped with this project, those who made donations, the people who took part in the Service, the ladies who made sandwiches and served tea, but most of all, those who provided and created the Memorial Stone and its installation she congratulated Rheinallt on his craftsmanship and his cousin Elin Owen on its design. She appreciated the cooperation of Rev Rhosier Morgan and members at Bethabara Chapel.
She went on to express her gratitude to Meilir Tomos for the loan his keyboard for the use of accompanist - Margaret Rhys, and for playing that keyboard as the congregation was leaving the chapel, and Gwyndaf and Heather for their help.
The Heritage Society greatly appreciates the invitation from Ieuan James and Tom Evans to play our part in this project, Ieuan was the backbone of the project and it was Ieuan that provided the stone courtesy of his neighbours Mr & Mrs Neville Roberts. Ieuan, Rheinallt and Hefin Evans installed the Memorial at Bethabara Chapel cemetery.
Brenda added to the Myfyr Emlyn project discussion - congratulating Mark Cole on his presentation and the members present showed their appreciation.
The success of this project was due to the dedication of those involved, and despite the stormy weather early in the day, when it was time for Monica Sheaf, g.g. granddaughter of Myfyr Emlyn to unveil the Memorial Stone the weather had calmed as if it were part of the plan.
The Society is very grateful to our Chairman, Enid Cole who paid for the food prepared at the 'Caffi Celt' kitchen with the help of volunteers.
Our Chairman thanked all the Society’s officers by name for their work over the year and also those who made sure we have a cup of tea and biscuits at every meeting. She was now looking forward to the Christmas dinner and another successful year.
It was decided to try to get help with cost of printing our next book, The book will be mainly bi-lingual, many ideas have been earmarked for inclusion lately due to other projects being completed.
Other topics discussed our Christmas Dinner in December and who should be invited as guests.
There were correspondence and announcements which reflected increased social activity of the area this time of the year.
The programme for 2018 had been completed and the date chosen for our annual Trip is May 19th regarding this, members were ask to think of places they would like to visit, suggestions to be discussed early in the New Year.
Our Chairman thanked Glynwen for organizing the ‘Library’ which has raised almost £30 this year.

December 2017
On Monday, December 11th, around 36 members and friends went to celebrate Christmas at Llwyngwair Manor by enjoying a tasty dinner in a pleasant environment. Our guest speaker was Richard Thomas “Dic y Vet” who spoke on a variety of topics that was well received by members and guests.
A very enjoyable conclusion to this years activities. Happy New Year.
Many thanks to Marilyn and the staff for their welcome.


We would like thank everyone who have helped us enjoy another period of learning about our heritage, we would like to extend our thanks to all our guest speakers who came to educate and entertain us, and our officials for their work, and to all that have contributed to the Society’s success.

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