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Meetings and Activities 2016

Minutes and notes

On Monday, January 11th, AGM was held at Yr Hen Ysgol. The Chairman, Fleur Buston reported on the events of the previous year and she commented on the number of very interesting guest speakers that we had during the year and the enjoyable summer trip together.
Appointed officers for 2016 are as follows, President - Beatrice Davies; Chair - Fleur Buston; Vice-chair - Enid Cole; Treasurer - Brenda James; Secretary - Glynwen Bishop; Auditor - Adrian Charlton.
The A.G.M. was followed by a business meeting.
The next meeting at Yr Hen Ysgol is on February 8th at 7.30pm and the guest speaker is Mr. Emyr Phillips, from Cilgerran.

February 8th, our guest speaker was Mr. Emyr Phillips from Cilgerran.
He talked about Mr. Tom Mathias, a notable photographer of Cilgerran, describing his life and the diversity of his work which was the subject of many of his photographs. Most of these were taken between 1900 and 1920 and they are an important archive that records daily life and industry in the area. Mr. Mathias died in 1940 and after several years his collection of glass negatives were discovered and were restored and developed. They have been used in a number of publications and a selection can be seen in the old phone box near Aberdyfan, Pontrhydyceirt, home of the Mathias family. Thank you Emyr for an interesting and enjoyable evening.
The next meeting will be on March 14th at Yr Hen Ysgol.

On Monday, March 14th. We held a business meeting at Yr Hen Ysgol. The meeting was chaired by Fleur Buston and was well attended. Many topics were discussed regarding events and projects.
And during the obligatory cup of tea members had a chance to discuss individual interests and spend some time socializing.

On April 11th, our guest speaker was Professor Angela John and the title of her lecture was ‘Life and Times of Menna Gallie', the distinguished writer who spent her final years at Newport. Menna Gallie was born in Ystradgynlais in 1919 to a Welsh family that were deeply involved in politics and the Labour party. She went to Swansea University where she met the philosopher W. B. Gallie and they were married in 1940.
Although Welsh was her first language, she is known for her English written novels, and also as the translator Caradog Prichard's novel ‘Un Nos Olau Leuad’ (One Moon Lit Night) under the title 'Full Moon'.
Number of her novels were dramatized for radio and her first novel, first published in 1959, 'Strike for a Kingdom' by Honno was reprinted in 2003.
Menna Gallie died at Newport in 1990, and in 2011a plaque was mounted in her honour at her former home of 'Cilhendre' in Upper St. Mary’s. Professor John, who was a friend of the author, gave an insight into the life of a distinguished resident of our area.
At the next meeting on May 9th, we will make arrangements and collect the names of those who wish to visit Picton Castle on May 21st.

At our meeting on May 9th, after finalizing the arrangements of our visit to Picton Castle and other matters, we had an interesting time sharing stories that were prompted by viewing projected pictures of the area from our archive.

On Saturday May 21st our members met in Eglwyswrw at midday then drove to Picton Castle. We had a guided tour of the Castle then spent our time wandering through the extensive gardens; the herb garden in particular drew much interest. There was a lot of interest also in the lawn mower museum, and on our way home to end a very enjoyable afternoon we had a meal together at Nantyffin Motel, Llandisilio.
We look forward now to our next meeting on Monday June 13th when Martin Roberts will give us the history of Castell Henllys. All welcome.

At our June meeting, our guest speaker was Mr. Martin Roberts of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, who is employed at the reconstructed Iron Age hill fort at Castell Henllys, near Eglwyswrw. He described the site and explained how the reconstruction based on remains found by archaeologists over many years. The place is now a major tourist and educational center that shows how Iron Age people lived and gives, especially for children, the practical experience of trades of the period. The site is open daily and is visited by many school parties from Wales and beyond, and also by other visitors that come from all over the world. The story by Martin was interesting and it was evident that he was passionate about his work there; we had a very special evening.
A business meeting in July, August recess, and the guest speaker on September 12th is Mr. Boyd Williams.

On July 11th, we had a business meeting at Yr Hen Ysgol and then had an interesting time looking at old photos and maps with Will and Elfed, and were told a little of the history of the homes in and around Ffynongroes and Brynberian which are now ruins. There was no meeting in August and will next meet on Monday, September 12th, when Mr. Boyd Williams will speak on the topic 'Welsh England - a contradiction in terms, or is it ....?’

The September meeting was cancelled as a mark of respect to the passing of a popular and devoted member - Mr Hywel James who had died some days before. We look forward to the next meeting on October 10th at Yr Hen Ysgol, when Mr Martin Lewis is with us again to entertain us with more pictures and stories and history of Newport. All welcome.

At our meeting in October, Martin Lewis came to us for the second time to continue his talk about Newport. He spoke especially of Parrog and surrounding area, using old postcards and photographs and presented some of his extensive knowledge of the history of that area. He described the port and how it was operated and talked about some of the characters associated with the river. Martin's approach and presentation as always is very interesting and everyone enjoyed the evening very much.
Our next meeting is on Monday, November 14th at Yr Hen Ysgol.

On Monday, November 14th our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Yr Hen Ysgol. (Date for the AGM has now been changed from January to November so that the programme for the New Year can be completed and programmes printed).
The Chairman, Fleur Buston, reported on the events of the year and pointed to a number of very interesting speakers we had listened to during that time, and also of our enjoyable trip to Picton Castle together in the summer. Appointed officers for 2017 are as follows - Chair - Enid Cole; Vice Chair - Diana Vaughan-Thomas; Secretary - Will Thomas; Treasurer - Brenda James; Auditor - Adrian Charlton.
The AGM was followed by a business meeting; main discussion was the programme and events for 2017 and the Christmas Dinner.
This year’s Christmas dinner is on December 12th at Llwyngwair Manor.

On Monday, December 12th, 34 members and friends went to celebrate Christmas at Llwyngwair Manor, Newport. We enjoyed a delicious dinner in a social and relaxing atmosphere. Many thanks Marilyn and staff for their hospitality.
Our guest speaker was Mr. Conway Davies who spoke about ‘Love and Courtship Practices in West Wales in the 19th Century’. His stories were very interesting and brought back some memories for the audience of the stories they had heard of the bygone time - and of some things that has not changed much over the years! Many thanks to Mr Davies, he will talk to us on another subject at Yr Hen Ysgol in the New Year.
Our next meeting will be at Yr Hen Ysgol on January 9th at 7.30pm.
And that is on the second Monday of the month as usual.


We would like thank everyone who have helped us enjoy another period of learning about our heritage, we would like to extend our thanks to all our guest speakers who came to educate and entertain us, and our officials for their work, and to all that have contributed to the Society’s success.

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