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Hi, My name is Vic Swan and I am the webmaster of this site. On these pages I hope to impart information about, not only my branch of the Swan Family but also particulars about the Swan’s in general with notes on various famous bearers of the name and its origins and early records. Under the Menu to the left you will find :-

My Interests, which will include my current research and perhaps a little about my hobbies of photography, gardening and my amazing Bongo.

Photo Album, I think speaks for itself.

What’s New, will be the link to current events, research and anything I can’t fit in any where else.

Swan Family, will include anything and everything about the Swan’s. Both my branch and the Swan Family in general.

Related Sites, are links to my other web sites and others which I think may be of interest.

Along the bottom of each page you find the Next & Back buttons which are I hope, self explanatory. Press Home on any page to take you back where you started.

I hope you will find something of interest.