CAMRAStoke Beer Festival
The 32nd Stoke Beer Festival will be held this year between the 18th & 20th of October 2012. See the Stoke Beer Festival Web Site for more details

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Stone's pubs now offer a good variety of real ales. Thirty years ago though nobody seemed interested in variety. All local drinkers wanted was to keep Stone's quality ale, Joules Bitter, the only cask beer sold in the town, but one available in all eighteen pubs. The October 1973 'What's Brewing' noted that "Final plans have now been drawn up for the Stone Campaign - CAMRA's biggest protest yet against the big brewers. Saturday, November 3 has been chosen for the demonstration against the closure of the famous Joules brewery in Stone, Staffs, by Bass Charrington. Joules Bitter has been loved by drinkers in the area ever since monks started brewing on the site in the 12th century. It is the oldest brewery in the country and the last in the Potteries. Five Joules licencees have applied to open their pubs at 5pm instead of 6pm and these applications are expected to be granted. Bass Charrington have already shown their annoyance at the campaign by ripping down two posters in two pubs". December's 'What's Brewing' reported that "More than 600 members from as far apart as Northumberland and Kent turned up" for the protest which started in Westbridge Park. "After a 45 minute procession, led by the Stone Town Band, the demonstrators filled the local cinema to hear speeches by Christopher Hutt, Chairman of CAMRA, Terry Pattinson, who had been in charge of organising the demonstration, and Bill Young, district secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, who is angry about the loss of his members' jobs when the brewery closes. A spokesman for Staffordshire police told 'What's Brewing' that the CAMRA demonstrators had been very well behaved and had caused no trouble at all. The march prompted a 12 minute feature on the disappearance of real draught beer on the BBC TV's Nationwide programme three days later". Joules brewery closed in October 1974.

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